Shocks installed, next: Cat-back

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  1. I got my shocks already and found out that my car had koni's on it and they were not was just a bad bushing:bang: All well I put on my new ones and the ride is much softer than the koni's....Install was a breez and did not take too long...I'm going to either keep the konis and clean them up or just sell them. The car is not a 12 sec drag car so the new ones will do just fine and its better for a dd..

    I got my cat-back just a few hours ago and am going to my gf's house to install it aspa. Wish me luck, and working on this car is soooo easy...

    One thing is good news tho my car already had after market lower control arms on it and I had no idea....I think it also has ford racing uppers I will check it when im doing the cat back....maybe this is why I rapped the gto off the line?

    I'm not sure about gearing though but when rotating the tire one full turn the drive shaft rotated 1 3/4 turns?:shrug:
  2. Was the wheel and tire on? :scratch:

    Oh and a GTO (like every shivvy) is a top end car. The 302 is a very low end motor. It's made more for torque than anything, so redlight to redlight a 5.0 is tough to beat. That GTO will probably kill you at the track. Oh yeah, the control arms helped I'm sure :nice:
  3. I raced a GTO with two other people in the car with all our crap to go back up to school with and I was surprized how much he really didnt pull from me. All hail the 302!
  4. Yes the tire was on and the car was not in gear? I don't have a clue....

    Got the cat-back on and need to play with the hangers and adjust the tips more....took about 3 hours but I took my time and had to cut off the factory unit. the mac sounds better but it still needs to be louder. the pas. side looks like it sits a little low but I think it just needs more adjustment.
  5. It looks and sounds much better Matt:nice:
  6. Yep! I just got the OK to put the rest of my exhaust on order.....because the stock h-pipe is so crapy and rusty it leakes where it meets the mac.....

    Going with the bbk short h-pipe and coated longtubes....any tips for installing these. I would like as many tips for taking out/exteneding the o2's as I can get!!! Does anyone know of any nice write-ups for installing long tubes?

    When it gets a little nicer out I'm gonna wax the car and post some pics!
  7. it prolly turned 2 and 3/4,making it a 2.73 gear, the car would be harder to get rolling with 1.73 gears lol
  8. I'm sure your right but I swear it only went around once :shrug:

    I do think it's the stock gear but I was unsure because it seems to run pretty well for a 2.73.