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  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm Shoomakan, and after many years of fantasizing about doing up a Fox, I finally found a suitable chassis and have started working on it.

    Current parts in transit are a Competition Engineering 8 point rollcage, Steeda subframe connectors, torque boxes, Prothane bushings, Prothane motor mounts, H&R springs, and Bilstein shock absorbers.

    As soon as I'm done with the body and suspension, I'll be ordering a TFS top end kit, and get to work on mating a Getrag 265 transmission to the Foxbody. I'll be using a Getrag 265 off of an old Opel Manta, as that Opel also had a live axle rear end. Have a 302 bellhousing, and that Getrag has a removal bellhousing. Should be fairly easy. Those Getrag's are famous for holding a good amount of torque, and I want to avoid the headache that is a T5.

    Here's one of my other cars, a 1996 540iT/6. One of 499 made! It's fully stripped, has plenty of suspension mods thrown into it, and a highly developed aggressive tune and some basic mods. Made 282whp/295wtq last time I had it at the dyno, before I adjusted the AFR's. 705026_10151364003612668_251587499_o.jpg
  2. Here's Foxxy. Doesn't look like much now, but she's going in for a full bodywork restoration. She'll be done in a couple of months, body wise. I've already taken out most of the interior, removed the motor/tranny, and purchased glass replacements. Currently looking for a new front bumper and trying to decide what headlights I want. While I don't really like the OEM 3 piece lights, I can't find a single 1 piece light that doesn't look too Fast and Furious-y. I wish someone made an OEM looking unit, just 1 piece.

    As I'll be tracking/drag racing the car eventually, I'm going to try to keep weight down. Keeping the dash and HVAC, but probably going to get a CF hood, plexi rear window, and rear seat/carpeting delete.

    Looking forward to learning lots about the Fox, and making new friends.
  3. Is that a dead possum on the hood?
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  4. Nah, it's a piece of dried up interior carpeting from the other parts car you see next to it. :p
  5. The pictures are the size of the Sun, Shoomakan. you should consider some sort of hosting website like photobucket.

    The signage in the background looks middle eastern......Israel?
  6. You've got my interest.
  7. I know the 265 has been mated to LSx motors before. Should be pretty stout behind a 302. Interested in just how many custom parts you'll end up having to make
  8. Nope, Lebanon! An easy mistake to make if you're not from the region. :)

    I would have thrown in my spare Getrag 420 (6 speed rated at infinity and beyond) but the bellhousing isn't removable, tailshaft is made for IRS, and it's an expensive tranny to butcher. :(
    The 265 fits the bill for having a live axle tail section, cheap to buy locally ($50-$150), and a wide array of clutches and PP's can be made to fit.

    I hope I manage to keep it. :p
  9. Was the fox in your region or elsewhere?
  10. Welcome to the site. Should be a fun project.
  11. It's a Euro-spec Fox, as are most/all cars sold in the Middle East. KSA/UAE cars are the best ones to own; due to the high heat, they come with heavy duty cooling components. Doesn't make a difference to me as I'm doing a full teardown, but it's nice info to know.

    Thanks, man. I know it will be. This is the first car I intend to fully work on myself. Hopefully that will keep me from selling it as soon as I'm done with it, as I've done with many cars in the past. I'm looking forward to the punishment!
  12. Some before and after shots. 11136193_10153318309177668_4219211135019004623_o.jpg 11051828_10153270347287668_1721550167522395995_o.jpg 11052229_10153269258467668_6347634987261375932_n.jpg 11101506_10153270347162668_6528928768988236351_o.jpg
  13. Paint looks nice, man. I'll bet it's a pain in the arse finding foxbody parts in Lebanon! Quite an undertaking there.
  14. So, work has progressed a little bit slower than I like because I got married in the last year. Marriage ended up costing alot more than I anticipated, so other things have had to be sidelined or slowed down.

    But the Fox will soldier on.

    I found a Vortech V3Si at too good a price to pass up, so I have one in my possession now. I'd like the advice of some of the people here, so I thought I'd share my conundrum.

    My original plan was a 302 with a top end kit. Then I got married. :p So my plan devolved into an Exploder setup with a custom cam. Shortly afterward, I found a low priced V3Si, checked online and discovered I made more power with an SC over a top end kit, and bought it. So the plan now is the stock motor with a SC kit, and I'm aiming for a (hopefully) realistic 300 horsepower to the wheels. I'm content with this as I don't want to blow my T5 to smithereens, which an Exploder SC setup has the higher possibility of doing. The car will be as light as I can make it, and have a 4.1 final drive. For the hillclimb events I like participating in, I think that's plenty.

    My question is this. Which bracket kit do I buy, and which pulley kits? I'm not that experienced with forced induction in general, and I don't properly understand the relationships of pulley sizing. Here's what I found, and I'd like your help in selecting what actually works/fits.

    Power Pulley Packs - 6.87" Crank / 4.75" Accessory | Vortech Superchargers

    The above Vortech link is straight from the products section of the kit for the Fox. There are several sizes of pulleys available. I'd like to see 10psi from the SC, but I don't know which pulley size that is.

    Secondly, the hardware installation kit. A quick search of Vortech's website doesn't clarify things for me, but I found these two on Summit Racing:

    Both are not for the Renegade units, and both say they mount V1 through V3's. Which one do I need, if any of these at all?

    I have already sourced an intercooler and injectors locally, and I have already bought the Quarterhorse/Binary Editor combo. Piping and whatnot I'll do here, along with a custom tune. Is there anything else I need to install this kit that you would think I can't do locally?
  15. Thank you sir. Driveline parts are easy to come by, but the body parts like fenders and bumpers are scarce. They were quite popular here back in the day, so I've gotten lucky... So far.

    But yeah. Anything and everything aftermarket has been shipped over from the US. It's cost me a :poo: ton of money (usually double the value of what I order till it arrives).
  16. I'll bet! It's very interesting for me to see a fellow fox enthusiast way over in Lebanon, Is that your home country or did you move there from somewhere else?
  17. Lived here my whole life. I'm American mostly by name, as I was born in Texas and was moved back to Lebanon when I was 4 years old. Lebanon isn't really what you see on TV, which is why I know how to English. :p

    Lovely place to be when it isn't struck by political turmoil. We haven't had a president for over a year. And yet, it's home. Beautiful scenery, beautiful roads, and delicious food. I'll buy you a beer (or Arak if you're feeling manly enough) if you're ever here. :D
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  18. Well, I appreciate that offer. I don't know when or if I'll ever make it over there.. but if I do, I look you up!
  19. @84Ttop

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  20. I'll put some part numbers for brackets and pullies together when I get into my shop later today. As far as the head unit you have goes, is it straight discharge or curved discharge? I also want to verify that it is standard rotation and not reverse. Do you have the serial number handy by chance?