Shooting at Virginia Tech

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  1. Im saddened by this whole ordeal. Being a college student, you feel that your classrooms are some of the more safer places on campus, and definitely not a place where you need to be fearful for you life. I wonder what kind of impact this will have on campus security around here.

    The Wolfpack sends its condolences.
  2. Wow, I'm very sad to hear that. it's probably a good idea to be home right now and away from all the media.

    My mom called me today crying harder than I've ever heard her to tell me how close to home that hit her since the worst of it took place at an engineering building.

    I don't know if any of you guys have seen these but it's some plays that Cho Seung wrote. After reading them I truly saw how disturbed he was.
  3. We already got an e-mail.

  4. I think I have something that may help, in the future. How about adding some sort of text-messaging alert to the alert system? As part of signing up, you would be required to list your cell phone number with the school. I think that an overwhelming majority of students have cell phones that are capable of receiving text messages. That way, if something is going on the students can be told about the emergency and what to do, in the message. (Like to avoid a certain area, look out for a particular person and what he/she is wearing, etc.) I would think it would be simple, cheap and effective to put something like this together. It probably wouldn't get to everyone, but it would be A LOT more effective than an email.
  5. My thoughts exactly Christian.

    Every thread about the shooting on every forum I belong to has turned into arguements and finger pointing, it really just makes it worse. People are suffering in ways most people will never know, and all some people can do is turn this into an anti-gun opportunity or a witch hunt for who is responsible. The psychopath tho pulled the trigger was responsible. The news is trying to string up the gun shop owner, asking him if he can sleep at night...that is ridiculous. He did his job and followed every necessary law. The whole thing is really just frustrating me and it's not making it any easier to cope with this.
  6. This is what my school had to say:

    This message is sent on behalf of Dr. Rosehart
    The tragic events at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Va. on Monday have shocked and saddened the Laurier community.

    On behalf of the university's faculty, students and staff, I would like to extend our deepest sympathies to those affected by this tragedy. We wish those who were injured a speedy recovery.

    The Virginia Tech shootings remind us all of the need for the protection of our students, staff and faculty on our campus. Community Safety and Security Services have extensive training to deal with emergencies on campus and are available on a 24 hour basis at ext. 3333 or (519)885-3333. In addition, we are assisted by 107 video cameras that monitor much of the campus through a closed-circuit camera system. Laurier has an effective and fast response relationship with the Waterloo Regional Police and in the past we have been able to deal with complex situations in a safe manner to the university community.

    I would remind everyone in the Laurier community to do their part to ensure we have a safe campus. Report any type of unusual or suspicious behaviour to Community Safety and Security Services (ext. 3333). The WLU Emergency Guide is located in the "red" section of the university phone guide which details our process for "Managing and Reporting Emergencies on Campus". Information is also on the Laurier web site under University Policy 7.11.

    At an appropriate time, we will review our emergency processes in light of information that will become available in the next few months from the Virginia Tech tragedy.

    I would also like to remind members of the Laurier community that counselling is available should you require assistance coping with these sad events. Students should contact Counselling Services at ext. 2338. Faculty and staff can receive help through the university's Employee Assistance Program by calling 1-800-668-9920.

    Robert G. Rosehart
    President and Vice-Chancellor.

  7. :nice: Now THAT is what I am talking about. It's not fingerpointing, its a suggestion of how to make it better, prevent it from happening again. If more people could come up with ideas even as simple as this and it saves just ONE more life, it is worth it.

    Oh and one of the reasons the school probably didnt do anything about the wackos writing it is because these days everyone sues everyone else for the most PETTY stuff. So instead, how many of you would like to bet that people will be suing the school for NOT acting? I am telling you the lawsuits are going to fly. Something needs to be done about things like this because if you ask me, society has things backwards. People who are sick like this should not be allowed anywhere near a school in my o.
  8. I talked to my friend who had him in her writting class. She had to read and critique those disturbing plays that he wrote. She said everyone in that class was just waiting for him to explode one day. He never said a word all semester, even when the teacher took roll and asked for a "here". All he did was look at the teacher with a blank stare.

    Truely a sick, sick mind. I don't care how troubled or mentally ill someone is, there still has to be a sense of reality in the mind. He knew exactly what he did and there is a special place in hell for him.
  9. I feel so terrible. This is awefull. Just awefull. All those wonderful kids that were killed. :nonono: :nonono: If he would just have tried to relate to some of these wonderfulkids, just tried., he would have realized they were nice people. :nonono:

  10. I agree!

    Although I think the issues needs to be discussed in an effort to try and take steps to prevent it from happening again, out of respect to Christian and what he has just been through please take any disussions and arguments on political views/finger pointing/gun control etc. to PM instead of cluttering up this thread. Thanks.

    Christian, I'm sorry to hear that you too have lost people that you know.
  11. Thanks Paul.

    I'd also like to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. All of us at Virginia Tech really appreciate it.
  12. Hey white stallion you home yet? I know I read in the earlier posts you where going home or something. If you did try to spend a lot of time with your loved ones. Your lucky to have them and try to forget all this.

    Another thing, my g/f's school (UM) had this thing for VT it was pretty kewl and nice. Wish I had the chance to go. This thing gave her nightmares the other day, because we knew ppl like that in high school, its pretty crazy stuff man. Especially today, I dont know if anyone heard but they went threw a long list of schools that had gun problems today. One was on lockdown today too and some kid was in a parking lot at another school pointing the gun at everyone then shooting himself in the middle of the parking lot. This is just a sad sad thing thats going on now and days.....
  13. Yeah man, I've been home since Tuesday night. Being with family and friends has really helped.

    The school is giving us a choice to continue with school. I'm going to continue, but I bet a lot of students aren't coming back.

  14. What are your options if you dont come back?? i am sure finals are coming up, are they going to give you credit for the classes completed up to this point?? Or are they taking classes at another school to finish up?
  15. Damn, I just saw this thread and didn't realize you went to that school Christian. Glad you're ok man. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those lost, and to their families and anyone else suffering. Man, the world's in a sad place right now.
  16. Yep. Hey man, yes glad you are ok.

    It sounds from the mods that this thread is more for just our sympathys . Sorry about that, I noticed now there is another thread on the forum for the debate. My apologies and best wishes.. I must have gotten confused as the the intentions of the thread. My bad.
  17. There are various choices for all departments. But basically, you can either keep the grade you have now and end it there, or continue. You can also choose which classes you want to continue with.

    Thanks Nik, really appreciate it man.

    Poka, don't worry about it. It's all good bro.
  18. sorry to hear about the loss of some of your friends, Christian (and everyone else's :( ), but i'm glad to hear you are choosing to continue the semester. although it's understandable, it would be a shame not to. that kid took away too much--i hope not too many let him take away the semester even after he's in hell.
  19. Yeah, going back to school would be the smart thing to do. Teachers say that it will only help our grade. I'm probably not going to continue with a couple classes, I'm satisfied with what I have, haha.