Shop In Orange County Ca For My Classic Stang

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  1. I'm a little short on cash, but my 67 coupe is undrivable because the shock tower in the drivers side has crumpled from stress. I need to find a shop to do the work. I have had a few quotes from uninsured mechanics working out of their garage for $750, but that is too risky for me. The average quotes look like $1500 for the labor since I already have the new shock tower. Anyone think that they can help me find a less expensive trustworthy shop in the area? From what I gather, the process is, remove engine, cut out old shock tower, put in new shock tower, replace engine and that's it. My steering is rather delicate, but it only has a very slow leak.

    Any ideas welcome for a local trustworthy and INEXPENSIVE mechanic.
  2. Have you checked with Mustangs & Fast Fords OC?
  3. From my boss's experience with his 68 Shelby, Mustang & Fast Fords is expensive. They had the car for months and there were still issues. Not sure that I would take the car to them.