Shop Truck Revival

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  1. Not a Mustang, or even a Ford for that matter :( lol
    But it’s a fun old truck and is a blast to cruise around in.
    Little back story on it-My good friend bought it from an older guy who had cast it off to rot in his back yard after an oil pump failure years before.
    A new oil pump.Tune up and carb swap had it running and driving again-the rusty patina wasn’t terrible,but paint and body work just was not in the cards-so having it lettered up to be the “Shop Truck” for the garage he co-owned happened.
    After the garage closed down,My buddy continued to take it to car shows and cruise-ins for a few more years. But the old tired 318 was showing its well as the worn suspension and drivetrain. So about two years ago he decided to park it.... At my house :)
    Fast forward to now-We pulled the wore out 318
    And after scavenging the 360 heads and front dress from it. We took it apart to find oval pistons. A scared up crank and a few spun rod bearings. So we started fresh with a 0.30 over 318 block. New sealed power pistons.Stock rods and a freshly turned stock crank. New bearings,rings,oil pump ,a better than stock Summit cam, Comp cams double roller chain and pushrods etc. Had the heads rebuilt and then we put it all together. And dropped it in the truck. E0A98188-6F6F-4223-A4C5-41EFB857F735.jpeg
    Put on a few shiny parts
    Still waiting for a few more parts to come in so we can finish up with the motor,but basically that’s how it sits right now-should be running next weekend-then I’ll address the worn out front end lol

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