Shopping for a new Mustang, what the hell is wrong with people?

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  1. Hi guys. It's been quite a while since I posted on the 4.6 forums because I sold my full PI swapped 96' GT convertible around April of last year although I still have my 87' GT that I still only really drive 3 or 4 times a months at best.

    I have saved up a good amount of cash recently and started looking at 99-04 New Edge Mustangs. I Really wanted another 'vert but a decent condition hard top is certainly not out of the question. Over the last 2 weeks I have looked at around 5 Mustangs, 3 verts and 2 hard top GT's and each one of them were total POS cars. One of the first I looked at was a 02' GT hard top that was advertised on CL as having 57K original miles and was considered by the seller as the "cleanest" mustang you will find. When I went to look at the car is did indeed say 57k on the odometer but this car looked liked it had 200k on it and the clutch was so wore out I stalled it 4 times during a 6 mile test drive. The seller wanted 7500 for the car, no way in hell. Sunday I went across town to look at a 2000 GT hard top and when I got there I was really excited because this car looked great, drove well, and had a few small tasteful exterior upgrades and a set of FR500 wheels with new tires. I VINed the car using car fax and found that it had over 7 owners and to make matters worse a rebuilt title, bummer. Seller was upset with me because I broke him the bad news that he neglected to tell me even though the title said rebuilt on it.

    I know that I'm not going to find a car that's perfect and I get that. What I don't get is why do these people not take care of their cars and expect people to pay what their asking? Some of these people do not even wash or clean out the inside of the car before they show it. I know there are some clean Mustangs out there but it's starting to get depressing!! Where are they all at!
  2. Start looking for that 70 year old thats ready to sell his sunday cruiser...
  3. Where are you located exactly? If your up north I imagine its harder to find a clean car... Like rust for the north, the heat down in Texas is what ruins a cars paint job.
  4. I'm in Jacksonville Florida. I'm going to start expanding my search farther down south which is what I did when I was looking for my 96' and I ended up with a good clean car at a decent price but I had to go 300 miles south to get it. I know that no matter what car or truck I have owned I have always been anal about taking care of it even if it was not perfect. I always keep records of everything I do to it. I realize that not everyone is like me but some of the cars I have looked at have been real POS's and the sellers are asking way to much. Sad part of it is I acualy have the scratch to buy a nice ride and can't find one!!
  5. Look for a clean Mach or Bullitt if you want something that is likely to hold a decent value long term.
  6. There are A LOT of New Edge Mustang GT's out there, thats the good thing you dont have to settle for one that isnt up to your liking. Im sure you can find a clean GT somewhere.
  7. Keep searching - the good ones are out there and getting harder to find. Took me 6-8 months to locate my '03 GT a few years back with only 28K at the time. Funny it seems the cleaner low mileage ones are actually up north - just take a look on Autotrader. I'm from Ohio and most people up here put them in storage for the winter if they care about keeping the car. Down south in the nice weather they are driven more and have higher miles. Can't believe the prices people are asking for these cars with 70-100K. Wish I would have held out for a Mach or jump up to a '06-08. Much better ride in the newer models, but I still like the new edge styling. Good luck in your search!
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  8. Yup, there are a whole lot of trashed mustangs out there. Unfortunately, they're a relatively cheap means of driving a sports car so anyone with a quarter of a brain can get one. A lot of the time when they do, they drive them into the dirt and feel like they're worth an arm and a leg and get offended when you don't agree to their price. But like was stated above, just give it some time and you'll eventually come across one that was driven softly by an older person and well taken care of. They're out there, they're just a much smaller proportion compared to the ones that have been to hell, back, hell, and finally back again.
  9. I searched a while before I found mine but I actually located it through a "friend of a friend". Turns out I found this Saleen on CL. I posted the ad on our car club site for some input and lo and behold...he was a member of our site and is as anal as they come when it comes to taking care of his cars. Since there were many who vouched for his honesty and manner of taking care of his vehicles I was sold.
  10. To answer the question posed in the title, lots of people are scum.

    As it pertains to Mustang sales A) people are attached and dont really want to sell their cars or B) people believe that anything with a Mustang badge is a Barrett Jackson F###ing one off collectible.

    Sorry, ahead of time, I know this thread had turned in a different direction and I didnt respond early enough.

    I vote for buying a Mach 1. Theyre supa cool.
  11. The really nice ones you're looking for are not for sale in ordinary newspapers or autotrader. Most of those change hands before they ever get to CL or otherwise.
  12. We to update as I have been busy as hell the last 2 weeks I found what I was looking for. I had to go farther down south to find it but I ended up with a crystal white 5spd 2000 Gt convertible with 99k. One owner female owned with a clean car fax and best of all still 100% all stock and even still sports every bit of the factory exhaust. The only thing I do not like about the car is it still has the factory tan top which will need to be replaced very soon. No leaks or rips but a cloth black top will suit me just fine. Lady wanted 7400 for it but I managed to leave with it at 6,900. It may be a bit high but it's clean, untouched, and came with all the paper work and service records she had for it since she bought it so I'll get the chance to have fun with adding what i want like I did with my Fox when I bought it 11 years ago. This weekend I plan to give it a good detailing and get rid of the factory mach 460 to get some good tunes so i will take some good pictures and post them up on this thread. Sorry about not adding any sooner I know how you guys hate that.

    On a side note, my wife is after me to sell my Fox. I kinda promised her I would when I told her a few months back I regretted selling my 96' GT 'vert and wanted another Mustang. I do not really want to sell it as I have had it for a long time but it will afford me some extra play money for the new Mustang.
  13. I got lucky and mine was a dealer trade in from a guy who knocked his old lady up (2 kids later and my old lady WON'T let me sell mine. haha. Neither will my 2 year old). Anyways, most people that have them up north garage them in the off season therefore, leading to the lower miles. I know when we lived in MI, my 04 went into the barn on jack stands for the winter. Just keep your eyes and ears open.
  14. Hah, I must not be most people. I drove my Mach all winter.