Shopping for a Shelby GT500- what to look for ?

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by '68StangGT, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. I would appreciate some pointers here

    I'm shopping for a Shelby GT500 Convertible- there are several in my general area

    When I roll into the dealership and start really going over the car, What area(s) do I need to specific check ?

    I guess what I'm asking is- Are there specific problem areas ???

  2. So I guees all I need is gas, good tires, a set of keys, a clear title and an open road ?!?

    Where's the Shelby GT500 guys ? Out straightening curves ;) ??
  3. Everyone's out driving ' bump for you though. :D
  4. ;)


    I think I found a black convertible, I'm going to investigate some more ...
  5. What year. These cars are pretty well built. I have an 11 with now issues. Some have a 1 to 2 shift grind issue. Electronic steering issue on the early 11's. Clutch issues on the early model years. ford has issued Tsb's for some of this stuff.
  6. thanks

    looking at '08 / '09
  7. I find it interesting that a lot of ebay listing note the feature on Shelby's as "bucket seats" ... LOL

    like you could also find them in bench seat configuration ...
  8. '68StangGT,

    Congrats on your upcoming Shelby GT 500! I hope you find the perfect one! Can't wait to see pics. :D


    I'm glad your is running smooth with no issues. :)

  9. HHHmmmmmm. Interesting question. I have 10 regulars with GT-500's good mix coupe / convertible from 07-11, 9 of them have less then 2,700 miles the only one that sees any driving is a 2010 with 565 RWHP and he still has only 20K so I haven't run into any issues. Most of the ones I see around at shows, hang outs etc... all have low miles so I would expect no issues.
  10. thanks !- that's just what I wanted to hear

    Appreciate the feedback !
  11. Lots of clutch,pressure plate problems in those years. Run an oasis report before buying. You would be better off finding the clutch had already been replaced. That being said, go aftermarket if it goes out on your dime. I would also look for a 3:55 Orr steeped gear; the 3:31's made the clutch situation worse because u will need to slip the clutch a little to get it rolling.
  12. Hope did not get a glass roof.