SN95 Short Block Suggestions?

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  1. Ok so I'm looking for a short block. I talked to a friend of mine and we prettty much planned out my engine build. Thankfully he down to help me out. He is in school for this stuff too and he's good at what he does. He also has a fully equiped garage.

    So anyway ill get to the point. Im looking for a shortblock. Latemodelresto or 50resto sells a couple that I'm interested. First is the basic economy 5.0 shortblock for $999.

    Then there's the 5.8 351 windsor for $1299. How would this build compare to 5.0 shortblock? Would the parts I would use be the same on both? So when I'm searching for a top end for the 351 would they be the same? The only problem with the 351 is theysay its not built for superchargers or rurbo.

    But If I want a supercharger they have a forged 5.0 shortblock for $1799. I'm just looking for your guys opinions.

    The trickflow top end kit is what I want. And maybe a supercharger way down the road.
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  2. What are you honestly looking for? How much power would you really like to make? Let me tell you that having a lot of HP is not that it's all cracked up to be. I spend a lot more time fixing busted transmissions then actually spend driving my car. Before you commit to a big engine, ask yourself what is really important to you. Application is everything.

  3. Daily driver so nothing over 425 really. I would be happy with 350. I would never go to the drag strip or anything.
  4. If it isn't broke, don't fix it. I would rock the stock bottom end with a TFS top end and when the time comes Vortech Si Trim. This combination would easily net you the goals you are after.
  5. agreed, run your stocker until you break it and start saving for a Dart block.
  6. I also agree.

  7. This sounds like my similar thought, build stroker or add a SC??, then is there a quite SC??? was my next thought. Believe Novi and kenny belle came up.
  8. Slap a Vortech kit on it, upgrade the fuel and ignition system and you'll hit those goals. Later when it breaks, sell the Vortech to fund a Dart block then build your N/A stroker. That's what most of us did.
  9. Once you get blown, you never look back ;)

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  10. Can I make a suggestion? Looking at your posts from the last week, you seem to be all over the board. Give a professional like Rick, Ed Curtis @ TFI, or Woody @ fordstrokers a call. Use their years of experience and knowledge to help you build it right the first time, rather than slapping together a bunch of parts and then dissapointed with the results.

    Example- I wouldn't bother with those short blocks mentioned. For $1000 you could build a better shortblock yourself or better yet get a JY exlporer engine with GT40 heads- change the springs and cam, throw a Vortech on it and you have 350hp for cheap.
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  11. How many miles would you guys recommend before a rebuild is needed? Like would you guys throw a topend kit on a 100k + mi motor ? I don't think this fella would wanna spend 5k dollars twice or whatever itd be, I wouldn't anyway. Guess what I'm asking since he's building a dd w a decent amount of hp is it gonna make power and be reliable w a worn bottom? If he had a new bottom and top itd be brand new motor
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  12. I've contacted rick git a quote. So I know what I'm going to have to spend for the 347 stroker with the trickflow top end and an upgrade on the intake manifold to the track heat. But the problem with that route is its going be hard to get that money all at once. So I'm going the shortblock route. Ill buy that and slowly gather the rest of what I need. And build it while I drive my stocker. When its done I drop it in. This engine seems tired and I'm not sure how good my block would be for a rebuild. Is there a way to test my block now while its in the car? If it were good I could gather the rest of the engine to give to an engine builder and have the block rebuilt and the new parts installed.
  13. All this ride it til it breaks talk is silly. He's not on a race team where he has unlimited funds and sponsors and a pit crew. He's a guy building a car to get em to point a to point b in style.
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  14. My plans pretty much set. I want a new engine. Fresh block the whole nine yards. The only thing I'm up in the air about is the block. I keep hearing to forget about those blocks I originally posted but nobody has said why? What's so bad about them? Its a rebuilt bottom end all the work is done already minus the cam. Its a reputable company. I don't see the problem but I also don't know what to look for. There's no way I can install all those internal parts. I can take it on from the shortblock and that's my plan. Everyrhing from the top end portion of the build I want to be new. All accesoriess I want to be new. Hoses..... everyrhing. I wantto keep the budget low but who knows what ill spend in the long run. I would like to do all the work with my friend. He has the knowledge to show me how to do it and all the tools lifts hoists to get it done. Its going to be fun. The only thing that will change that deal is if I sonehow find a deal to have it all done professionally and that would have to be a deal I can't refuse. My friend has a mechanic that might take all the parts I bought and put ir all together and get the car eunning good for $$700-$900 depending on how smoothly everything goes. And $ 1850 if he has to rebuild my stock bottom end. That would be with me supplying all the parts like the top end and such. So if anything can be reused it would save me money. I would like everything to be new but if I can't then ill reuse some stuff.
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  15. DO NOT BUY THAT SHORTBLOCK!! From late model resto. It's crap for a future build up. If you want a new engine but can't afford it right now save,save,save. I've been doing it for over 2 years myself. Get a game plan and follow through. If that means just saving $ until you purchase everything at once. Great. If it means collecting parts as you go. Great. If you buy either of the other shortblocks you'll be very disappointed in the long run.
  16. I know I can fins a quality shortblock somewhere for under 2 grand. There's gotta be somethinf out there. Thats why I started this thread to see if there were other quality short blocks out there. Or is there a way to test mine now while its still my dd. I just bought the car it has 158k miles of unkown history lol. It was taken care of at one point but not recently I'm taking carw of a lot of problems now. Car runs good but engine feels very tired. And has an oil leak that looks like its coming from the crank? Not really sure.
  17. In my personal experiance, I have taken more than a few engines out of the junk yard, installed a new top end and power adder and have yet to be dissapointed. I've installed a blower kit on a fox with 195,000 miles three years ago. 230,000 miles on the clock now and still a happy customer. These engines are tried and true. I think it is far from silly to daily drive a mustang with a junk yard bottom end. I personally can not see investing a nickel in any 302 based stock block. The factory components will survive better than the block itself.
  18. There's even the ford racing 306 340 hp crate engine for about 4 grand. How is that engine?
  19. If you leave it alone and not add a power adder it'll be fine. Makes about 290 rwhp and should last a long time. Can't add a blower or anything to it but as far as a DD it's ok.
  20. Dude, step away from the keyboard and take a breath. People have advised you what to do. Either take the advice or not. Coming back every 5 minutes with "how about this?" isn't going to change the answers.

    I'm out.