Short throw shifter, What do you guys have?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Lynx331, Aug 25, 2004.

  1. Im looking into getting a short throw shifter. Which ones do you guys have? Whats the best one? Im looking to spend no more that $200. Thanks in advance
  2. I just have a solid handle ontop of the stock base, everybody who drives my car is like, ths shifter rocks what is it. Then their like... omg...

    pretty cheap :nice:
  3. Pro 5.0 Power Tower shifter baby!
  4. Pro 5.0 Power Tower here also!

    they are sweet!
  5. Steeda Tri-Ax.. Best one that i have had yet.. had hurst, pro 5.0, but i think the tri-ax is the best..
  6. Steeda Tri-Ax
  7. Steeda Tri-Ax

    great shifter
  8. is there really any difference between them. Like the pro 5.0 and the steeda tri ax?? Id like to try and get the best one i can, but is one actually better than the other?
  9. i have tri-ax everyone i know has tri-ax but not sure if there is a difference does the 5.0 have adjustable height?
  10. Get tri-ax, and learn to search

    I swear, half of my posts are questions about shifters
  11. B&M here - seems to work just fine...
  12. B&M ripper shipper, nice feel to it, i like it and would recommend it. I'm sure that any shifter you decide to go with, will give you great results over the stock piece.
  13. I had a B&M on my T-5, and now I have a B&M on my Tremec 3550. If it wasn't good, I wouldn't have bought another one. I put a Pro 5.0 in an 04 Mustang... and man that thing feels really good. Any of the shifters out there are good... I'd go with any of the three majors... Pro 5.0 , Steeda, or B&M

  14. any popular aftermarket shifter will perform better than stock.

    just make sure it has stops, you should be fine.
    i have a steeda.
  15. get a pro 5.0, i snapped the ball off the bottom of my steeda on my old T-5
  16. I have a Hurst shifter that came with aused T5-Z i boght off a buddy. the shifter came in his car when he bought it in 1997... and i'm guessing it was a few years old then. I can bang gear pretty good with it.

    Otherwise? A well worn stock shifter with the rubber taken out of the handle, and the handle shortened just a tad, with a round knob, is what I normally do.. [have aforementioned handle on the Hurst shifter].
  17. B&M here. Wish it was a Ripper, but its is still way better than original. The solid aluminum knob I machined for it made it even more direct and "clicky". :nice:
  18. it!
  19. Pro 50 hands down over the flimsy shifter! I got a friend whos a powerlifter, he that slammed his stock shifter, and then his triax! His stock T5 is still good with the pro50. Luck? perhaps.
  20. it!!!!!!!!!!!