Short throw shifter, What do you guys have?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Lynx331, Aug 25, 2004.

  1. Pro 5.0 with a Tri Ax handle - 2 thumbs up :nice: :nice:
  2. pro 5.0 power tower with the race handle cut down 1.5 " off the top and almost 1" off the bottom. redrilled new mounting holes. now the shifter sits barely 3" out of console and when in 2nd gear the handle is almost straight up and down. i never miss 3rd now, and i have modified a few handles for friends. only works for years upto 93.
  3. how does a ripper compare to a tri-ax?
  4. pro 5.0 baby
  5. B&M Ripper here too, been 5yrs same one, no problems.
  6. Pro 5.0, I'm going to buy a triax handle soon though
  7. mgw here i love it
  8. I have a Hurst, i like it alot.
  9. UPR base, swapped over to a Tri-Ax handle... every 'Stang I've driven, other than mine, has had a Tri-Ax or a Pro5.0, and while I can't say either is "better," I didn't have any problems with either brand.

    Whenever I get a new transmission, one of those two will go in too.
  10. 89: Pro 5.0 with Pro 5.0 handle.

    93: Stock base with pro 5.0 handle.
  11. I've drove 3 different ones (Tri-ax, Pro 5.0, and the Ripper)...I prefer the Pro 5.0:nice:

    Has anybody with the MGW actually tried the other shifters (for a prolonged time period)...I would like an unbias opinion...
  12. the one you want. Never miss third again.
  13. i also agree with the tri-ax
  14. AAdd another for the tri ax.I have had mine for a bout a month and for the 1st week or so it was kinda ruff but it softened up and now I love it,Smooth shifts.
  15. My cusion has the B&M ripper in his car, I had to drive it for a straight week. The B&M is a good shifter but the MGW feels a lot more positive, he even felt the same way. Haven't missed 3rd yet and I haven't even adjusted the stops.
  16. I have a hurst It isn't that bad but i would rather have a steeda or a mgw
  17. which shifter has th espring perload to 3rd? and does it really work? i have a hurst, and 3rd seems a little far. also, anyone run a shifter lever out of the boot...ive seen a few cool lookin shift levers, and i want to make mine visible!
  18. Pro 5.0, I have talked to many people about this. Most are alluminum and snap, pro 5.0 is the most researched and developed. Unique technology, excellent choice.