Short throw shifter, What do you guys have?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Lynx331, Aug 25, 2004.

  1. none of the shifters have an actual preloaded 3rd gear, but the trick is with the steeda the spring that returns the stick to neutral is a little stronger, so it forces the shifter over a little. that's my understanding of it. plus the shifter is somewhat leaning toward the driver (don't know about the other models of shifters)
    like i said that's my understanding of it, and i could be wrong, go to the steeda website and check it out for yourself, they have a comparison chart when you are looking at the tri ax.
  2. I believe all aftermarket shifters have the gate spring, that returns the stick to the neutral position... This helps in from going from 2nd to 3rd.. All you have to do is push straight up, and the spring will push the stick over, into the neutral position, faster then you can push up and it goes right into 3rd... I thought powershifting was fun with the stock shifter until I got my B&M.. AWESOME. My favorite part of an aftermarket shifter. No more power shifting for me though... I got a short throw handle, made by a guy locally. I love it.
  3. Ive had them all and it comes down to prefrence. My favorite is the hurst, i couldnt stant the tri axe.
  4. Hurst short throw here. Been in the car since '93. Back then, there weren't many options. If I were buying today, I'd get the MGW or Tri-ax. I like my Hurst enough to not feel the need to spend my money on another shifter.
  5. MGW, first aftermarket shifter for me, but i am very happy and i have no reason to change it, i love it
  6. Yeah I figured it woudn't be hard for the MGW to beat the Ripper out...I didn't like it as much...

    Oh and to those who say "push straight up and it will go to 3rd"...I don't know about ya'll but mine will go into 1st gear on any of the shifters I have drove with :D You got to make it a bit bias to the right to get it to go to 3rd :nice:
  7. Well I have the mgw and if you're in 2nd all you have to do is lightly push up on it and it just slides into 3rd.. it's pretty sweet.. :hail2:

    I mean, I guess I could make it go into first but if you just let the shifter do it's thing, it's going into 3rd everytime.. I love it. Haven't missed it yet.

    Also with the MGW, there is no noise like I got with the tri ax I had before.. The triax was nice, but the mgw (in my opinion) is smoother and has less noise... plus its the new thing and I'm all about having new toys :D
  8. upr blue thunder. works great and was cheap :nice:
  9. I had a Hurst, liked it, and switched to an MGW, which I can't really say was a big improvement... The MGW is definantly stronger, but I'd do either again.

    Good luck!
  10. Pro 5.0. Good racing and quick shifts, not that best for daily driving however, handle could be a little longer. Thats why many people add the tri-ax handle to the pro 5.0 base.
  11. Went from Pro 5.0 to MGW. MGW > *
  12. I will probably be getting a shifter for my car in a few months. Ive read this whole thread, and it just seems like everyone likes what they have (which is understandable). I figure it would make more sense for someone (who has a little extra time), to list the shifters, the materials used to make them, and maybe the price (im guessing ebay price).
    Im leanin towards the b&m, but cant really decide. My car is much more of a dd than a race car.
  13. Well i'm sold.....King Cobra Clutch, and Pro 5.0...goin in :D
  14. Steeda Tri Ax
  15. I have raced a ton of Mustangs with all different shifters. Postive stops and spring loaded, means you will be able to drive them hard. Granted racing is different then street driving, so I cant comment on the street feel of the shifters, but at the track each of them goes into 3rd perfectly fine, on a powershift as well!
  16. well I have the B&M Pro Ripper (on the lowest setting) and have had it on for two years and it still shifts like new. Havent missed third since in stall. and Third is straight up.
  17. Just so any future shifter buyer or installer still can miss 3rd gear (I don't see how anybody can not miss in some form or fashion over the "years") happens...just like a stock shifter IMO...
  18. Still banging away at my Hurst. It's the only aftermarket shifter I've had (10 years) so I don't know how it compares to the others.
  19. I disagree- but on the other hand I may just be expounding upon your "in some form or fashion". Putting an aftermarket shifter on doesn't mean you won't ever grind a gear again (or get locked out for that matter, since I got locked out of third regularly with my Tri-Ax); however, I think that when it grinds or doesn't go in cleanly it's more from an error operating the clutch- not necessarily that you "missed a gear" with a bad shift. Maybe with the stock T5, because [they suck] the 2nd and 3rd gates are so far apart; but on my TKO my Pro5.0 absolutely won't miss even if I try to make it. As long as the clutching is done right, it goes right in every time at any speed and any angle no matter how bad the technique on the shifter is. Don't time or feather the clutch just right though, and the technique at the shifter had better be perfect or it's time to strain the glitter out of the fluid :rolleyes:
    Granted, if there is anything at all wrong with the tranny internals or the clutch then all bets are off regardless of your shifting prowess or how great your shifter is...