Drivetrain Short Throw Shifter !

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by Jaret, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. You shouldn't get any issue from Ford, unless they can prove 100% the aftermarket shifter, and it's very unlikely, was the cause of the problem.

    I installed the Steeda shifter bushing and bracket. For $70 bucks, can't beat it. Firmer shifts, comes with two different bushings for noise reasons, but you retain the stock shifter. My $0.02
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  2. I have the Steeda shifter and bracket - used the high (black) durometer bushing and couldn't be happier. Had an MGW on my '08 and it was excellent. Would have gotten another MGW for the '13 but wanted an easier install. Considered the Barton but a 40% shift reduction was more than I wanted. Got a good price from Steeda for the combo and decided to go with them. Glad I did - great shifter with positive shifts and solid feel. No more missing third. Changing the shifter should be the first mod anyone makes - really enhances the driving experience.
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  3. I have the Barton shifter with the 2 post bracket and love it. Shifts are much better than before and more precise. There is slightly more cabin noise, but not too bad and I added some extra insulation which helped. Shifts are much shorter than before, and shorter than the MGWs by a good amount.