Shortbelt is it possible that it works?

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  1. Hey guys. I was talking to a friend and he brought up a good point. When you run a short belt to bypass the smog pump, it causes your water pump to spin backwards. All three of my Stangs have been like this, and every diagram someone posts has it like this. How is it possible that the waterpump still works even when it goes backwards? My car is like this now, and I have no problems to speak of, and I've never seen someone bring this up before. Please explain it.
  2. and check out their kits. they have an offroad kit to delete the A/C and smog pump. there is a small diagram link on their site to show you how they route a short belt. i just ordered the kit and gonna work on it.
  3. the 87-93 5.0 water pump is reverse rotation meaning its susposed to spin backward
  4. Well, now that I think about it, I think that my fan still pulls air, so I must be turning in the right direction. I'm looking all over the net to figure this out.
  5. What I meant drop, is that I think it makes it spin opposite of the stock direction.
  6. note the stock route shown below and read the TEXT it says the water pump spins ccw or backward.


  7. The stock fan is reverse rotation meaning it turns backwards too the fins are cut and angled for this.
  8. Thank you Drop. I was mega confused. I see how it works. That's what I thought, but my buddy had me doubting the crap out of myself. I'm looking into the March A/C delete that relocates the tensioner, and he said it'd make my pump go the wrong way. Guess not.
  9. You are correct eveything is good. It seems odd that the pump turns backazzward but it does and so does the fan but it was designed to do this so its "cool" LOL
  10. Yeah. it wasn't the counterclockwise that was throwing me, it was the swapping of sides on the belt. for some reason he had me thinking that it would swap the direction of rotation. Heh. scared me good. I almost went outside and checked the motor.
  11. If you look at the diagrams you will see that the water pump spins in the same direction. The only way the water pump will spin backwards is if the "Ribbed Side" of the belt is on the water pump. If the "Flat Side" of the belt is riding on the water pump then it is spinning in the correct direction.
  12. Yeah what he said :lol: I had just finished typing sumthing similar but you beat me to it :p
  13. LoL.... :D It's cool. At least we got that cleared up! :nice:
  14. I went through the same thing when I did mine so finally I sat down and made a pic of the stock and bypassed routings and found out it turns the same way even though it's on the other side. It does kinda mess with you when you least expect it.
  15. Yeah it does. I did pics on my computer, and still was confused.
  16. Can you hook me up with that fog light trick on your domain page?
  17. better off talking to my friend, BlackFox50, he did it. It's a wiring fix to prevent the headlight switch from melting because Ford screwed up and used lousy wires. Check out the Corral tech area, I think they have it there. It's not hard to do so long as you're good with electricity. BTW- Where'd you get those seats. They're really nice. I'm kinda pissed, you're making more torque than me and you're nearly stock.
  18. Kinda figured it was a wiring mess....all set there. The seats are from Voulution Racing (do a search online), there not as comfy as Corbeau's but alot cheaper. Your not the only one with the TQ numbers, I was at the SSOM dyno day in Concord and put a
    :jaw: when the numbers came up. I'm just worried when I put my heads and intake on what will happen to my TQ.
  19. Did a search, nothing came up.