SN95 Shorty Headers One More Time

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  1. Ok so I kinda want some shorty headers for the 95 I guess mainly for sum under hood bling. I know long tubes give more gain but I'm not wanting to deal w the hassle and $. Anyway so I'm looking at the bbk ceramics what kind of pains am I looking at doing the install and what kind of pains are involved with living with em? Changing plugs etc. Oh and I will see 0 gain w em? Mid pipe is still stock w precats removed.
  2. And is a catted aftermarket mid really worth the 400/500 dolla vs what I'm running now?
  3. Not that hard an install. Just soak all of the bolts for a few days with PB blaster, especially the header to collector bolts. You'll need an O2 sensor socket, some long extensions, deep wall sockets, and wrenches. It's easier to get the car on jackstands and support the midpipe on a jack.

    Retighten the midpipe a little at a time on each side equally. For gaskets. I would coat both sides with copper RTV. I use SS allen head 1" long bolts on iron heads with lock washers and they have never leaked. Even better is to use studs. Just go back over them and retighten them after a day, and then a week later.

    IMO $500 for an extra 10hp is not worth it. Better money spent elsewhere. What is the rest of your setup like?
  4. i'd say the one time lil hassle of installing longtubes is well worth it!
  5. Mostly stock. Ported lower intake. Stock heads w better springs n comp cam. Stock midpipe w precats removed and 2 chamber(I believe) mufflers.
    W those long tubes you gotta get another midpipe. Now you're lookin at a thousand bucks
  6. Long tubes on a street car is a nightmare. Get copper exhaust gaskets and the swap is painless.
  7. nah, i've ran em forever without issue
  8. I've gone through 6 exhaust systems. Long Tubes best bang for the buck really and if you need cats they do make a catted LT mid pipe. My recommendation would be purchasing a ceramic coated header as chrome or SS will discolor. Plus a coated header will be better on heat under the hood.
  9. Best bang for buck all around or in the exhaust realm?
  10. Long tubes for the power and sound plus all around cool factor. Looking under a vehicle an seeing those tubes with big collector is just awesome. Ceramic coating is or some kind of high temp coating is a must. I've had SS and chrome before, both turned colors almost instantly.
  11. Noticeable power or just seems so because the loudness?
  12. u2e8ybab.jpg vajugy8a.jpg
    Go with long tubes. Really easy install. They go in from the bottom trust me. Have to remove starter, driver side engine mount and steering shaft. I also used copper gasket. These are Mac.

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  13. What's a setup like that running?
  14. It's not lol I keep ordering parts for it the longer it sits, I think I talked myself out of buying upper and lower control arms though I stashed the funds away so I can get eibach drag kit at the same time. I'll show just some of the parts in this build, doing it all myself. But I just ordered o2 sensors extensions, Flowkooler water pump, and Alex parts 6.315 pushrods and shims. The Ford racing 6.272 are too short with the 1.72 crane roller rockers.
    Then it'll be running.

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  15. Mac's are the hardest to install with the individual flanges. They normally go on well the first time but are a PITA to reinstall.

    Is that a gear drive I see? I used to have a Pete Jackson setup about 30 years ago. People thought I had a blower..... They actually rob some HP but sure do look cool and never wear out.
  16. Nicely decorated room you have there! Got any furniture? lol
  17. Yup lol I have a couch opposite wall
    I do have a compiled list of parts I now need updating
    I'm gonna check out some head lights
    Yup it's a dynagear set, I only took it off cause I had already bought comp cam chain roller and figure I'd use it. I'll still have the dear drive for when this set gives or unless someone buys it from me. I'd say maybe Rob 3 hp?

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