Should have been my first 11second pass.

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  1. Good luck... the machine work has been delayed a couple days on mine due to the guy being sick. We're still shooting for the first of May.
  2. Thats still in time for the track rental...... I still have a chance at the dyno day....Not sure yet. We will see if I can find an upper elbow in time.
  3. red331.jpg

    Delivered last night..... :woohoo:

    Squeak's old block looks a little different. :lol:


    Here's my mess of a garage.....

  4. very nice :nice:

    whats the timeline look like? when its going in?
  5. This weekend. I think I'll have 4 helpers. May 10th is my club's track rental.
  6. I wish I had a garage like that...right now my car is sitting outside getting the **** beat out of it by the weather. Also my car would have been done so much quicker if I had one too. But on another note...Paul its looking good. I wish I had that engine too but enough about what I want.
  7. It'll probably really make you happy to hear I won't be doing the install in this garage. :D

    My buddy owns a transmission shop. We're going to trailer it up there and use the lift and his nice tools this w/e. :nice:

  8. sure rub it in.

    So did you go with an off the shelf cam or did you go custom grind?
  9. It's the exact same setup. Stage II cam. All the major pieces made it. The block was changed due to it being decked too much when I bought it (used and pre-machined). When the oil pump locked up it did scorch the piston holes. So I'm glad I went this route. My pocketbook isn't so happy about it though. :bang:
  10. She runs..... we got it fired up and on the road Saturday night. :D Fired up on the first turn of the key. Thank you Lasota Racing for a great tune.

    Now for the bad parts...

    The k-member didn't fit. It's apparently for a fox body as it's about an inch short to reach the rear bolt holes. :mad: I just sent an email to AJE Racing to see what options I have.

    My canton oil pan drain plugs both leak. :rolleyes: Guess I'll find out if a plastic ring will help with that or not. :nonono:

    Today I drove the car to work to get it inspected. Fuggin' radiator started leaking at the plastic to alum joint. :bang: Good thing I work for O'Reilly now. Guess I'll change it out in the parking lot this evening.

    Oh, and biggest PITA is the crazy transmission issue I had before. It's still there. The car will kick out of 3rd gear at WOT when it hits 5 grand. :nono: We've changed everything in the transmission including the internal wiring harness. We've changed the IAC sensor as it's in the same circuit. We're currently trying hard to find a new transmission harness going TO the transmission.

    I'm going to see if Don can burn me a chip with bone stock transmission settings. MAYBE it's an issue with the tune bumping the pressure, and the shift kit doing it as well? Not sure, but last time when we had a gauge on it... it would show the pressure spike right before it either dropped into neutral or to the default mode of 2nd gear. When your running 100+ mph it's a tough call to see what exactly it's doing. :rlaugh:
  11. ITS ALIVE :banana: :banana:

    Hope you get your issues taken care of, keep us up to date!

  12. I had the same problem with my k member. I got some 1/4" plate and weled an extension plate on, then added a full length strip over the extension and existing pad with the bolt holes in it. I then drilled hew holes. Fots perfect now.

    My canton pan leaks too...:bang:
  13. Radiator replaced.... temp gauge is good. :nice: My oil pressure gauge scares the hell out of me though. :( I'm going to have to hook up an after market gauge or never sleep again. It started up by the A.... which is great. Then it dropped to the O R which is okay. Now it has gone as low as the N and usually stays on the high side of the N. :bang: I watched it jump up and down once this morning on the way to work. Hopefully whatever that was, got caught in the filter. If you'll remember, I made a twizzler out of an oil pump shaft and the gauge bounced around the whole time it was doing it.

    I'm up to around 60 miles on the engine. I think I'll go ahead and change the oil tonight. If they have a gauge in stock, I may be putting my gauge pod in tonight too.
  14. Good to see you got it going again. I am sure u are happy:D Once you get everything sorted out you can finally make a 11 sec pass.

    Hope everything goes as planed:nice:
  15. We're hoping the chip settings and the aggressive manual settings in the transmission are conflicting to produce the error. Don is going to hook me up with a test chip with 4 different transmission variations (one being bone stock) so we can do some further testing. I'll let you all know how it ends up. I'm sure learning alot about these crazy AODEs. We've got TransGo techs in the mix now too. :rlaugh:

    The problem I've been having is the time restraints. My club's track rental is this Saturday. I think I'm going to be mustang less again this year. :( Or at least not be able to race it. But, hey, there's no point in rushing things. Still plenty of time to race at the track this season. Just sucks being the one responsible for the track rental and not being able to participate with your money pit.

    So you'll all have to wait for new times and vids it seems. :p
  16. I've driven the car all week to work. Rained most of the week. :( The car is doing good. I still haven't heard anything back from AJE guess I'll call them Monday.

    I need to bleed my brakes again. I got the line lock working, but it doesn't 100% stop the front wheels from turning even if I pump the brakes first. It's great for a rolling burnout though! :D

    Hopefully the weather holds off for our track rental tomorrow.
  17. Looks like I'm going to forget the k-member for now. They are going to send me the plates to make it work, but I need the money for new struts and a buddy offered to buy the k-member for what I have in it. So I'm ordering strange 10 ways tomorrow.


    Please pay no attention to the URL listed on the pics. My buddy uploaded them there. I have no idea why.
  18. As you may be able to tell from the last pic. I was in the middle of stripping the paint off my brackets to get them powdercoated. I hit one with brake clean and it ate the paint off. :x I'll most likely pull it back off and repaint it until this winter where I can take some time to get them powdercoated.

    My buddies and I got in an argument over the balancer. They said you could just tighten it down to the compression of the new engine. I told them you had to hold the transmission back and tighten it to specs. We did it their way and it about cost me big time. My balancer walked off the crank during a hail storm. Luckily the pulley on the waterpump caught it (which locked up the waterpump) before it came flying off the car.
  19. Car is back on the road... but it's storming like crazy here. :nonono: First test with a new tune and STOCK transmission settings. The car held to 6,200 in 3rd gear on a section of road it would never hold before. If it does it a few more times this week, I'll consider the problem solved.

    Our club Power Cruise is this w/e. Our club track rental was moved to June 28th.

    I have until the 28th to get my DS loop on the car, as well as my 10way strange stuts, plus that pesky battery cut-off switch. Then we can dial in the lower control arms and get some times out of this puppy. :D

    Guess I need to move those images above to my server as well. :p