should I buy the diablo predater

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  1. I have a 2001 mustang GT with a steeda shifter, k&n intake, and dyno max side exaust. i Just got my birthday money and i wanted to know more about the tuner and if i would still shift at 5700 or would it be raised to 7000. I just wanted to know everything about the thing before i spent $400.00.
  2. keep the shift point where it is stock. you'll ruin a stock engine revving it to 7K

    buy a SCT, better service, better tool
  3. NO please dont get the diablosport. get the SCT xcal. it is so much more advanced, the software it uses to tune your car is like the difference between windows 95 (diablo) and windows xp (SCT xcal) if your interested in a very good place to get one, let me know. i can let you know. it would be the same price as all the others, but they put a very good tune on it, and you would see some nice gains.
  4. I have a 5 speed manual. and i will look into sct. Also i want to know more about programers
  5. yeh dont run your engine to over 6k. They ran mine to 6250 on the dyno, and my power doesnt drop off anywhere from 4500-6250, and i still dont run mine that high. i dont try to go past 5500
  6. SCT Xcal2 FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would cry if you drove your car to 7k.. lol

    no but seriously, on close to stock cars you won't see any gains revving past 6000.. normally the powerband will start dropping a little at 5500
  7. It's 330 from partshopper right now. But im still going to get an xcal2 with my next paycheck.

    xcal FTW!
  8. +1 to everything.. then x2 :D
  9. SCT X 10gillion

    I rev mine to 700 all the time :shrug:

    oh yeah I got cams:bang:

    And speaking from hard learned experience, do not remove the rev limiter. The person that had the car before me must have had it removed and I went to 8400 on a missed shift. not a mechanical.. a missed free rev. Not Good. but then again thats the only reason I have heads cams and a forged shortblock awaitng a vortech now lol.
  10. My car idles higher than that :nice:
  11. I would research the tuners more if I were you. Everyone's needs are different.

    I have had both the Predator and the Xcalibrator2. The user interface on the Predator is far better than the Xcal2. You get 5 lines of text on the screen with 6 buttons on the Predator. The Xcal2 has 2 lines of text and 4 buttons. Everyone brags about the support from SCT but check out their forums. There are quite a few unanswered questions and complaints. The product is still in its infancy stage. I wish it were more mature and stable like the Predator.

    If you have an automatic, then the Xcal2 is a clear winner. You will get to adjust part throttle shift points and converter lock points. Well, someday. The converter lock points feature isn't working with their current release.

    You can get a used Predator for around $250. As long as the previous owner set it back to stock, you'll be able to use it right away. A used Xcal2 is hard to find. New ones are still around $379. And if it's a 9400, you'll still need to purchase tunes from a dealer.

    If you're just looking for a basic tuner, a used Predator would be my recommendation. If you think you'll get deeper into tuning, then I'd recommend the Xcal2.
  12. I would also recommend that you check to see what shops in your area are using.

  13. Opinion from one of the few guys that has owned both :nice:.
  14. I just bought a diablo predator and I'm satisfied, but I hear good things about the sct all the time.
  15. Put the money into a power adder or start saving for gears. I bought the Predator to correct my speedo and for future tuning purposes before I got my gears put in. Don't look at it as a power adder.
  16. I have a Predator and i love it.Yes I have a automatic but I'll soon be doing the j-mod and other things and I got a good hook up got it for a really nice price way under what it dose go for so I couldnt go worng..