Should I Buy This Supercharged 2005 Gt?

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  1. Hey all, thanks so much for letting me join the forum!

    I test drove a supercharged Mustang today that had 427 HP and 391 TQ at the wheels, with a lazy tune. I can't imagine how much ass it would kick with an aggressive tune.
    I fell in love with the car. It was an amazing drive. There's only one thing that I'm worried about; it has NO engine reinforcements. I have no idea how these 4.6s hold up to the extra power.

    It has almost 100,000 miles, and it has been built since 30,000. It hasn't had any problems, but I'm not sure that it will last forever.
    Is it okay with how much power it has?
    Will I be able to boost it up with a smaller pulley and a more aggressive tune without it blowing up?

    Here is a link to the Classified :)

    He is asking $15,000, is that fair?
    Thanks so much in advance :)
  2. I wouldn't touch that car for that price. That is a Magnuson blower and it's a crappy blower. He may say it's a lazy tune but that blower is about maxed out at those power levels, you also can't run much more that that hp on the stock engine. You can find a used 2011 GT for around $20,000, that would be a much better project car, with much more potential then dropping that much money into that car.