Should I do this?

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  1. well as yall know i have the 306 short block for sell. it has a comp XE274HR cam and last night i got offered a trade for a 351W long block. I dont know what year. im going to find that out today! should i trade? What could i get more out of u think?
  2. I think your motor is worth more than a stock 351. Also worth more than your asking price.
    Why would you want another motor when you dont have a Mustang anymore anyway? (atleast I thought you dont have it anymore).
  3. i dont have it any more. yeah i thought the price i want for it is low as hell but seems no one wants its

    I had a guy come look at the short block one day. he drove abot 100 miles or so and when he got here he kept trying to lowball me. i told him i would give him the short block for the price of the cam which is 360 and he would take it. needless to say he wasted his gas and mine and his time:mad:

    I need the short block gone to fund the new car. got a 90 beretta GT trying to get money to swap the 3.1 for a 3400.
  4. Not to be a dick, but you can find used HO LONGBLOCKS pretty easily for $50 to $100 in junkyards; at least where I am. Assuming that someone is going to rebuild it anyway, why would you start with a $400 engine v.s. a $100 engine? IMO it's worth $100 plus the price of whatever a used comp cam is worth.
  5. If you can ship it cheaper I may be interisted
  6. Yeah stock LONG BLOCK are pretty cheap but if u was to buy a stock HO and rebuild it with this cam u would prolly have about 4X's as much in it then this Short block! why would someone want to buy a 30K mile 306 then turn around and rebuild it?ummmmm. used comp cam? where did u get that from? i installed the cam it hasnt been ran since cause i didnt have the money for the H/I and wasnt even going to try to put the stock chit back on!

    i cant come down anymore on shipping cause it was quoted at 600 to ship it frieght. How much u think the short block weighs?
  7. What kind of oil pressure does your shortblock make? Can I fire it up and run a compression check on it? No. Unless it's running in a car, you're going to have a problem moving it for that kind of money. Without knowing any of the above, why the in HELL would someone assume your 30K shortblock is in better shape than a 100K mile shortblock?

    I suppose someone who's really interested would take the time to pull some rod and main caps and really look at it, but even then, how are they to know you didn't gouge a cam bearing putting in that nice $300 cam?

    You can disagree with me all you want; I'm just giving you my honest opinion as to why you're having a hard time moving the thing. Why are you selling it anyway? And in response to your original question, I wouldn't trade for a 351W.
  8. with stock cam the engine pushed about 35-40PSI. the 306 ran awesome 9.2 with a bald 235's and a 2.23 60' in the 1/8

    never had a problem with a cam ive installed. i did it plenty times in automotive class in high school, when even tore down and rebuilt a 65 mustang 289

    im selling it cause i sold my mustang and the day i didnt that i flipped my DD and broke my neck in 2 places. no that im out of the halo im working on another car before i go back to work and need the money to get it done! 3400 swapped 90 beretta GT, GTZ body kit, 18" wheels, lowered 1.5" yada yada. ill soon be getting another mustang. mybe in 6 months or so and if it dont sell then im going to do buy H/I and put it in that car!
  9. That's what I'd do to be perfectly honest. You're more than halfway there.......... My whole point is that it's hard to prove how good of shape something like a used shortblock is in. Unfortunately many people aren't real honest when they sell that sort of thing. Since you know what you have is good, I'd just hold onto it, unless you know you're going to be doing a stroker, or something along the lines of a 408, etc. when you do get another car. I know it sucks when you're in a pinch and need money, but there's got to be other ways you can come up with $300. Good luck with whatever you do.
  10. yeah i could sell my cell phone to get the $300 LOL