Should I encourage II ownership?

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  1. Expedition is much smaller than an Excursion/Super Duty, and unlike the Excursion/Super Duty, Expedition isnt available(yet) with a Diesel engine, so its fuel economy is fairly low. My Super Duty diesel crew cab pickup weighed 8000 pounds, and got 20mpg, whereas the Expedition only weighs 5500 pounds, and gets maybe 16mpg.
    Even so, a well-tuned '70s Pinto was in the high 20 MPG range, and even a 3800 pound 1960 T-bird with a 300hp 352 big block got 16 or 17MPG highway. Back then, everything had higher compression and ran leaded high octane gasoline, so ignition timing could be kept high for greater efficiency.
  2. mY 4.6 Expedition gets's sitting alot right now and was going up for sale. Now with the gas prices around here at $3.19 and rising, I don't think it's going to sell to fast. :nonono:
  3. No loss there. Frams are garbage. Stick with the Motorcraft FL1A. Even the Delco was better than the Fram.

    Just another great American name that was bought up, had the product compromised, and sold on reputation (see Curtis Mathes).
  4. I don't feel so bad about the 5.4 Expy 4x4 getting 13.5 now! The 3.73 axle doesn't help, I'm sure.
  5. Yeah, Fram used to be owned by Ford, a long time ago.

  6. Rotunda?
  7. I get same mileage that my Audi does(highway) if i dont cram my foot in da gas, but what fun is that?
  8. My goal with my II restoration was to have "a new 1978 Mustang". To that end I replaced or rebuilt everything. The car is now solid as a rock, it does not squeek, rattle or do any old car stuff! In keeping with my original dream, I can jump in and drive it anywhere with 100% confidence. The only problem I have had was the float stuck on the new Edelbrock carb and I didn't have a freakin' torx scew driver in my in-car tool kit to take the lid off! (I have 2 in there now for good measure!) I think a II if properly maintained can be a very reliable car. The II's simple design aids in it's reliability. If you put a modern fuel injected engine and overdrive transmission in it you could have a rock solid daily driver. What stops me from doing that the what if factor!

    What if:
    -A rock goes through the windsheild?
    -somebody runs into it?
    -(in my case old school 302) starter, alternator, flexplate, wear out?

    Now you can find a windsheild (I got a N.O.S Ford windshield that took the glass place 2 months to source). Mustang II body panals can be found, a good restoration shop can fix a classic. You can have the alternator, starter rebuilt or special order new ones.

    My Mazda 323:
    -If some one hits it, body panels are common in wrecking yards and I would not be all that up-set. Uh-oh better get Macco! (who cares as long as it is safe and all one color right?)
    -The windshield is in stock at and glass shop.
    -Most common wear items are in stock or overnight away at any auto parts store.
    -Can leave it in the mall parking lot overnight if need be with no fear while the Mustang is safe at home locked and alarmed in the garage!

    When it comes right down to it, I guess if you have the money you could drive a II everyday without fear! For me I could not afford to fix the II to my standards at a moments notice. Geez it took me 4 years to pay for the paint job............ :D :shrug:
  9. I let my friends take one of my IIs for a drive on occasions. After that you'll usually find them tracing the want ads of knocking down my door when i bring one in on a hook.
    I think Sal is right, the Ii just finds you. I feel for them when i saw pictures of the CobraIIs and thought "Now that's a sleek and one off car! and small and lightweight too! and with a V8!!! COOL!"

    It's just a bug you catch.

    As far as parts availibility, they're no worse than a Farilane, or a Falcon, or most all A-body Mopars. I have a '66 Mustang that I'm gonna build for the wife and i just can't comprehend how effortless it is to gather all new parts for that car in one swipe and a drop-ship. in my mind it really kills the fun in hobby. i enjoy the swappers and the weekend strolls throught the boneyards. :nice:
  10. Yeah that's the 1st time that's happened... IIRC SN was jammed up when i was posting this.
  11. Holy tripple post batman