Should I Get An Alternator With Higher Amps

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by other_shoe, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. I think the alternator in my 67 C-code is dying and will need to be replaced.

    Over the last year or so the car has been having problems with the new modern radio that uses a lot more electricity than the one from the early 1990s and I think the headlight conversion is drawing more too. What do you all think is a good target for a new alternator? 100 Amps maybe? Is there a down side to going with more than the original 65 Amps?

    Thanks for any advice you all can give.
  2. actually as i recall the stock alternator in your 67 is a 38amp unit, not 65. that didnt happen until the 70s. unless your stereo has a high powered amp along with the head unit, a 65amp alternator should be plenty for your application. now if oyu have that high powered amp, and an electric fan, as well as a number of other electrical items, then i suggest going to a 130amp 3g alternator.
  3. I'm running 140 amp 1-wite alt - with updates like modern headlights, electric fuel pumps, stereos, phone chargers, etc it doesn't hurt to have the extra power. I actually have an extra Powermaster 140amp 1-wire alt kit, paid $225 for it - new in the box. I bought a complete ConceptOne pulley system, so I don't need it. Would sell it for $150.
  4. 140amp 1 wire too, fan, water pump, msd, radio, electric speedo, water injection, etc; extra power is nice if you plan on adding stuff later.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I ended up just going with a 65, which seems to have solved many though not all of my electrical issues. I probably need to replace the regular and instrument cluster voltage regulators too.