Should I go 3.55 or 3.73 wit hmy 414c.i.?

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  1. 5 speed .64 od and 2.95 1st gear. :shrug:
  2. Either one will work great with your taller first gear.

    I have a lower 1st with 3.73's and 1st is a joke!
  3. Yeah, I don't think you can go wrong with either one. I have 3.55's in my car, and my first gear is 2.66. I don't have any problems.
  4. what do you have now and why do you feel the need to change it?
  5. Sure Chris. With the 3.27's the 5th gear is too high. I am revving at like 1750 at 65mph. it's too low and bucks. Stupid on my part.
  6. If its that low in 5th at that speed, keep it in 4th. 3.27 to 3.55 is a waste of time and money. Whats your tire height?
  7. It really depends on what your goals or plans are.

    If you are not looking into some suspension work, go with the higher ratio.

    If you are looking to do some suspension/traction work, go with a steeper gear.

    Are you wanting to match this to your trap speed or just for your own personal preference?

    Just do whatever you feel comfortable with it:)
  8. My suspension is being beefed big time. I am looking for the ideal 1st gear launch and to be able to shift into 5th at 60 and not ..glug...glug...glug... buck , buck , buck... like it does now. You can hear the drive train clunking a little when it does that,..yo uknow.
  9. Keith

    As I see it .....The fifth gear thing you speak about ..........
    is gonna be dependent upon the tune more so than the gear ratio

    I had a bit of that and I found pulling a small amount of spark from low load conditions really helped with that

  10. that's an easy one. go 70. geez

  11. You should be able to cruise down a level road in 5th at 1000 rpm :Word:


  12. Unless your car normally idle's above 1k!! Big camsahfts don't like to be at that RPM with a load.
  13. Thanks for all of of your comments. Thanks early! That is the site I used in my calcs.
  14. No problem.
  15. 3.55. i have a stock 302 and with 373 i cant grip at all
  16. Ok. I am going 3.55. I was just out on the road after installing my edelbrock victor intake. I can't get no..... tra..-tra...-tractIOn.. in 1st, 2nd .

    Given it is cold out.... and I am riding on BF Goodrich v 245's rated with - not much traction... the 3.55's will be a much better power band but more traction in warm and with my z rated 255's going on..

    p.s. DD, you do have 3.35 1st gear too..I have 2.95. :)
  17. so you like the new intake i take it? :cheers:

    um, with higher gears, your traction "problem" is going to be worse.

    i'm sure you already know that though.

    that is the kind of problem most of us would love to have, huh?

    you should try on my rear wheels and tires ... i bet you'd like them

    they are these (toyo r888 18x275):

  18. Yes but It is freezing cold out lol. And me tires aint so good. Intake goes around 1k rpm higher..but I need to try it more to get a good feel...DEFINITELY opens up for more power. That 414 needs ALOT of air! Are they drag radials?

    ... found em'

    "Stock Level: Click for details
    Summer tires
    UTQG: 100AAA
    Speedindex W: the tire's speed capacity is up to 168 mph/270 km/h !

    Facinating.. basically drag tires with a speed rating and a wear rating that is 1/2 decent...BUT $200 per tire!! lol. Also, how's the side wall?
  19. geez, i wish mine were $200 per tire ... they more more like $300 per tire. were you looking at 17s? mine are 18s