should i invest in some new parts?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 19notch93, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. the guy i bought my car from put everything in my sig in the car. i havent done anything except a new alternator (which i shouldve got a 3g but couldnt) im thinking the guy had an intention of putting either nos or a supercharger on the car due to the intake manifold, cam, water pump, heads, etc. im not going to supercharge this and im wondering, isnt my manifold and cam made for high rpm's? i was reading about the manifold and it said like, good power over 5000 or something. since im not planning on supercharging or nos, should i go with a differnt cam and manifold? my bro has a lot of the same stuff as me except edlebrock manifold, and tfs 1 cam and some minor stuff and his car seriously is scary compared to mine. what do u guys think, since your the experts
  2. True, the RPM is intended for a higher RPM range than the Performer, but by adding a 1" spacer you could help the lower end a bit.
    But my suggestion is to invest in a good tune, your combo will have good power from ~3500 to ~6300 if tuned properly. Your shifts will stay under 6500 and have great drive ability.
  3. I dont see mention of gears. With those heads and intake i would strongly suggest some gears in order to be in the powerband more easily and take advantage of ur stuff.