Should I jump on this intake?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by HtownGT, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. Heheh.... Now everyone will be bidding on it... You're supposed to keep it a secret!

  2. i know, but hopefully nobody will want it. bc i used my juju powers on it.
  3. where u at in houston btw. im on the westside, when im not at school in galveston. westherimer & hwy6. like next to westoaks mall
  4. NW side... Humble/Spring area. We've got a pretty good group of people running in our group. I'm currently without mustang (see signature). But I'm building a engine in my garage!

  5. yeah ive been up ther eonce in a while to cruise and stuff. i might actually go up this weekend to pick up some heads.
  6. That price with the 65 is a good deal....i just installed an Ex on mine...not sure about that elbow tho???? that may not fit under the stock hood, if you have one...
    Even if you opt not to run that style 65 you could re-sell it...i just picked up one like it for 60.00 shipped. I want to swap over to the Fox style set-up and dump the elbow....
  7. The elbow is only bolted on.
  8. What i'm saying is the elbow shoots straight out....the stock intake elbow and even an a/market one sweeps downward for hood clearance...if he can use it, than sweet...
  9. Im gonna drive the price up :nice:

  10. now that's a great friend :doh:
  11. Hey Paul.....

    Maybe Im friends with the seller! :rolleyes:

    Hey, you wanna go to Towers Friday?

  12. that's messed up RC :rlaugh:
  13. yeah, but i gotta work until about 11:30 or so :(

  14. Yeah me too, Ive put in a few bids already, that price is way to cheap.

    Hehe, j/k, You can prob trust most of us but Im sure there are people that view these threads that dont post and see these links to stuff that they want too, Ive never posted a link to anything Ive been thinking of buying off ebay until Ive won it. As far as the price it is pretty cheap but I would go for a Cobra or Edelbrock Intake if your ready to buy one.
  15. From what I have seen, that price will SKYROCKET in the last minutes of the auction. Many times I've seen used intakes go up to near new prices on ebay. I didn't have any luck finding one there worth the money

    I say scan the classifieds here and see what turns up. I had been looking for 4 months or more and finally picked up an Eddy for cheap. There were other Eddys and Cobras for sale when I bought mine, most for under $300. Be patient and you'll find a deal.
  16. You really shouldnt jump on the intake because there is a risk that you would crack it or scratch it really bad. I would reccomend buying it though!! LOL!!
  17. Sup gmkillr. I havent saw you around in a while. How is the s trim going? Welcome back

  18. The blower has been done for a few months and it turned out perfect!!
    The car is very powerfull!! :nice: Thanks man!!
  19. Can't wait fo the track times, can you? Have you got some dyno #'s yet.