should I leave my 3.73 rear when vortech added?

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  1. Hey fellas I believe I'm going to get the vortech v3 6-8 lbs boost for the '95. Question is would the 3.73 gears work well with it or should I go something like 3.55 or 3.27??? I'm not all that excited with the 3.73's now as an n/a. 1st runs out way too fast and 5th feels like it needs to shift when on the hwy. Oh yeah it's a t-5 btw
  2. yes. you could downgrade but i've run 3.73s for years and think it works very well.
  3. I had 3:55's when running my Vortech S-Trim with 12psi. I think 3:73's are fine. You make the max boost at the highest RPM so the 3:73 will be fine for your application.
  4. 3.55 a bit better but not worth changing
  5. I feel your pain . With boost , go with 3.27.
  6. With as much low end as the 302 makes, 3.55s or lower (numerically) would probably be your best bet (provided you have stock heads/cam).
  7. It's more of a personal preference thing. I would put the Vortech in and see how you like it. If at that point you think you would be better off with a shorter gear, then I would make the change at that time.

  8. You guys are crazy.. I would want nothing less than 3.73's with the Vortech.. It's not a Turbo. I'm running 4.10's
  9. I used to hang out with this guy in high school who wasn't happy until he was in the 5s. He had a 5.12:1 at the time and was looking to go taller.

  10. mustve never hit the hiway

  11. I actually HAVE a Vortech. You're right, I live my life a 1/4 mile at a time.

    OP, if you go with a taller gear than 3.73, you will BOG between 1st and 2nd.
  12. meant that in response to revheads post

  13. lol.. well then... :bang:
  14. Kind of funny that you mention it. I remember driving next to him on the highway on the way to the track in Palm Beach County. He must have stopped twice for gas, and the damn car was running at 4000+ rpms the whole way. I don't know how he even had the energy to make a pass after listening to that much noise for so long.


  15. YUCK.. Pushrod Motors don't need that much gear.. Period.. 4.10's on the high side.. IMO 3.90's are PERFECT, and 3.73's are good. You definitely need rpm with the Vortech, and the shorter gears help tighten up the transmission ratio as well.
  16. Yeah, I don't understand it either. I don't much care for anything taller that a 3.55:1. It just puts the car up in the 2200rpm range on the highway which makes the drone even worse.

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  17. Drone? What's drone? :nice:
  18. I'm w this guy
  19. leave the 3.73s thats what i have had and love them with the vortech
  20. does it get into boost in 5th gear?