Should I Lower My Car? Thinking about B Springs.

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  1. I have some Strange shocks/struts on the way and I have been debating about installing lowering springs while I'm there. I sometimes think the height of my car looks OK, but sometimes It seems to have squat at the rear. I don't want a low look and to be scraping into parking lots, but I thought stiffer springs would be better handling. So I'm thinking about FRPP B springs, but I couldn't find much info on ride quality because I want my car to take the bumps nice and smooth.

    Any suggestions would be great because I don't know too much about chassis stuff.
  2. had b springs on my fox and loved them. ride was better than stock.

  3. Looks good!
  4. Wow, looks good. Thanks for the pics. BTW, did you have to change CC plates?
  5. I would change the CC plates because you get more adjustment out of them then you could ever get from the factory junk.
  6. I had the c springs and it was too low for my tastes. Ended up ditching them for oem Mach 1 springs
  7. I have steeda sports and they settled in a bit lower than i thought but im happy with them none the less. The ride isnt what i would call harsh but you know when you go over something.
  8. I think springs are a must for a fox body, nothing worse than the stock 4x4 stance. I put a set of Eibach Pro-kit springs on mine and it was probably the best exterior mod I ever did. 17x9's all around and no rubbing (unless there are people in the back seat.)

  9. Steeda Sports.....i hear ya aar0s
  10. same steeda sports... love the stance... and oddly enough my cc plates pulled the front down another half inch or so i think.
  11. adjustment?
  12. I have the FRPP progressive rate springs (which I believe are the "B" springs) and the adjustable Strange shocks/struts. I can tell you that if you set the shocks/struts to their "street" or "auto-x" settings (higher number on the knobs) the car is rigid and bouncy as hell. I drive with them set to the "drag" settings (number 2 or 3 on the knobs, I think), and the ride is much smoother.

    Aside from that, I like the stance, and the car handles well, but I also have some other suspension work done.
  13. I have the '01 Bullitt springs. Bullitt and mach springs give a less aggressive drop but improve handling and better ride for the street over stock or some of the other springs out there.
  14. MM c/c plates.. following their instructions for install it pulled the front down a little more... the top of the fender actually covers the top of the tire just a smidgen.
  15. After I put CC plates on my car, the front left sits about .5 inch lower than the front right.
  16. nope, they were on the list of things to do. rode and aligned fine tho...
  17. That's when you know you screwed something up...
  18. Maybe a missed spacer?
  19. spend the extra money and get H&R sport springs, or maximum motorsports road and track springs, and cc plates. i had b springs before, they didnt ride so great to me. but i did have stock shocks/struts. i hate the rake that b springs give you. now my car has bilstein hd's and maximum road and track springs. i love it.
  20. I like the stance of your car. I just hope my car rides a lot better than it does now with the stock stuff. What other suspension mods do you have? When I do the springs/shocks/struts I'd like to do MM or Steeda full length SFCs.