Should i pass up this deal?

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  1. i have a neighbor that has an 89 LX 5.0 vert that he has to sell pretty fast. his kid screwed him over after co-signing a loan for the kid, then backing out of it, so he has to come up with $4,500 bucks like right now. The car itself is a 1989 Lx vert 5 litre. it is an AOD, with 65,000 original miles. the car is completely unmolested except for 3.73's, headers, h pipe and flows. The top is going to need replaced probably in the next year or two, but im tired of driving a 2003 taurus with over 70,000 miles on it.. i know its about to get expensive when things break on it. So it would be for a daily driver while i finish building my 1991 LX. The owner i have known for quite some time, and is in his 50's, and i know he hasnt beat the car up.

    whatcha think.. should i sell the taurus and buy it? (ill try to get pictures today)
  2. $4500 isn't exactly a "deal" for that car in my neck of the woods, but it's a decent buy. If you like the car, go for it. Just remember, a top replacement isn't cheap.
  3. I spent 5k and got everything in my signature with my car with brand new tires, and a rebuilt engine with only 15k miles.

    I would say pass on it, and wait for a better deal. You can make some amazing purchases if you keep your eyes open and have cash in hand waiting for the day when that guy with the 331 Stroker has no choice but to sell cheap cause he needs cash that bad.

    Just my 0.02
  4. A vert that is unmolested is a good find in my area. If the paint and body are in good shape and your just looking to cruise it, it sounds like a good deal to me. In my area relatively stock verts in good shape tend to carry higher prices than modded mustangs. I wouldnt buy a modded vert unless you have someone inspect all the places where the chassis gets twisted up. If you buy it I would put a good set of sub-frame connectors on write away. It will make a wolrd of difference.

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  6. Hmmm... i appreciate all the replys.. i thought they would go for more having that low of mileage. maybe i need to see some good pics of LX verts to help make my decision
  7. FarBeyondDriven,

    Email me an I'll send you pics of the '89 I just bought. All original, top, exhaust, gears, original seats, VERY CLEAN, etc., etc. I did pay a premium, but I got what I want - a completely stock convertible.

    Joe [email protected]
  8. i think you friend is just saying he has to sell for $4500 b/c he wants to make a profit