Electrical Should I Remove My Msd Blaster 3 Coil And Install A Stock Coil?

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  1. So when I was swapping this 1989ish 5.0 into my 1967, I didn't think I had a stock coil anywhere.. But I DID have an MSD Blaster 3 ignition coil.. Which used spade connectors.. So I chopped the lead (or the harness didn't have a lead, I can't remember!) and installed spade connectors.

    Fast forward to now.. I found the stock ignition coil in a box. Just wondering if it's worth my while to just buy the connector and install the stock coil?

    I mainly ask because I'm not sure of the stock ohms, duration, voltage, etc.. So I'm not sure if this Blaster 3 I have is actually BAD to use. I think these blasters are more for carb guys, but I could be wrong?

    Thanks guys!
  2. Moot point if its working
  3. They are carb coils and the specs are different. How different from a stock coil? Not sure, but if you compare the one you listed to the one from msd that goes on a fox there are some small changes.

    I have pretty much zero trust left for msd anything. So if it were me, i'd switch it out.
  4. we have 2 very high end race cars at the shop... best of the best on both of them. both running MSD. nothing better out there honestly. i know people have had issues out of some MSD products but they arent as bad as people make them out to be. if there was something truely better out there we would run it. only thing in my car thats not MSD yet is the distributor. and that will get changed when it goes carbed down the road
  5. Thanks guys! I have no qualms with MSD itself, and srtthis, I assume they aren't running the Blaster 3 coil, but the one meant for efi. So I'm wondering if this Blaster 3 coil, which I THINK is meant for carb, is ok to run on my engine.. However, I also do not think there is anything specific about carb vs efi Coils.. Just why I'm asking.
  6. we run the same coil on both cars. its the HVC2 AKA tha arc welder lol
    nitrous car is a carb turbo car is fuel injection.

    im running a TFI coil in my car with a 6AL2 and a guy i work with runs a blaster coil with a 6AL in his car. dont think it honestly makes a difference
  7. Race cars are no proof of reliability when it comes to electronics and ignition products. Doesn't take much for them to survive a quarter mile at a time.

    Not sure anyone i know still has a functioning msd product. Being stranded because of coil or distributor sucks and you sure learn a lesson from it.
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  8. Race coils are different than a stock coil, which IMO is why you should have your ignition system all matched. Slapping on a race coil with stock wires, distributor, plug gap, may actually hurt performance and possible damage to components. I am partial to the stock duraspark ignition system and coil for most n/a, daily driven cars. The stock ignition system will easily support 400hp and is OEM quality.

    I was a big fan of MSD all through the 70's through the 90's.. They started offshoring their work, then the quality went down, and they filed BK recently. I would look at the Crane Digital system over MSD for my future builds.
  9. My msd distributor was bad outta the box and was purchssed last December, still have my msd coil though.
  10. Well the coil appears to be working just fine. I'm not buying another coil, in case that's what it sounded like.

    Let me rephrase. Any advantage to stock coil, over the carb-style tower MSD Blaster 3 coil? :p
  11. Ya, reliability.
  12. I'd be inclined to run an efi coil on an efi car definitely
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  13. Mine is also a msd efi direct fit coil but im not adding anything else msd. I'd consider plug wires but thats my limit.
  14. Thanks guys. So we know there is a reliability problem with the Blaster 3 in EFI cars.. or this is just MSD prejudice?
  15. If you mean prejudice by saying, yeah I hate crappy products that don't work and leave you stranded on the side of the road, then yes I am prejudiced against MSD. Throw in Accell while you're at it.
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  16. Absolutely.

    Now if it was an efi vs. Efi coil, I would not change it, but that is not the issue.