Should I Sell My Mach 1000 Audio System Or Keep For Sale Of Car?

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by StangVertGT, Apr 24, 2013.

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  1. I found my answer from Ford. Thanks
  2. Here's some pics of the system, it came out of my 2002 GT...

  3. You should sell the rear sub enclosures to me!!

    Seriously, I've seen the rear amps/rack and subs/enclosures go for $300-$350.
  4. Sorry, I'm selling the system together. I might even sell the head unit with it as well once I have a new one installed.
  5. No problem, I was joking anyhow.

    Good luck with your sale.
  6. If it were mine I'd carefully store these things in the basement and re-install when selling the car. You're going to take a hit on the selling price of the car that will likely be larger than what you'll get for the system on ebay today...
  7. I just called Ford, they told me the system is around $3k new from them. So I'm selling mine for $1,000 used with head unit and free shipping. I'm gonna post a thread now. I don't think the value will effect that much on the price when selling it down the road.
  8. A sucker is born everyday I guess
  9. What are you talking about? The system alone is worth $1,000 and I'm including FREE FEDEX shipping which would have been another $400 or so.
  10. 1. It's a 10 year old setup
    2. Weighs a ton and takes up a ton of space that is now wasted in the trunk (which is why you are taking it out, correct?)
    3) You can build a system 3x what this is for less money

    Just because something is 'rare' doesn't make it expensive. I get that shipping is alot but $400 bucks is laughable. If that's the case box it all up and throw it on a grayhound to save the sucker on the other end save money.
  11. Your an idiot dude, don't even talk unless you know what your talking about. It's $300 by itself for the 6 Disc CD Changer. The entire system costs $3,000 NEW from the Ford Factory. Your also wrong about it being rare and raising the price... For one, I'm not raising the price. If that were the case then I'd sell it for $2,000.

    You CAN'T buy these systems ANYWHERE. They are ONLY an additional $3,000 package when you buy your car brand new from Ford. I know because I asked Ford myself. I don't care for the space, I never use the trunk. As far as the weight, why pay more for gas if I don't care for bass? That doesn't mean someone else who loves bass, wouldn't mind dealing with the gas mileage decrease. Therefore I removed it and I'm selling it. Second of all, I'm also providing FREE shipping, so your actually getting a deal on this system.

    $400 is laughable? I'm sorry but do you even own this system? Do you have any idea of how much it weighs? Then please don't bother writing in this thread unless you have something interesting to say. Thanks
  12. Shipping does sound a bit high,but he's free to ask whatever he likes.
    Its value is whatever anyone is willing to pay.

    To me, $1000 Is way high.

    The two 10's, box and amp that cost me less then $200 probably sounds just as good with the mach 460.

    About the only advantage of the mach 1000 I see is the side mounted sub enclosures, if used with an aftermarket amp, mounted out of the way, you'd have good bass and with the rear fold down seats, good trunk space.

    Sub enclosures + factory mach 1000 amp/rack= non existent trunk space.
  13. The value isn't what people are willing to pay because I'm not lowering it's value for "others convenience". It is what it is, either you want and can pay for it or you can "go get your own setup" for supposedly cheaper....

    I doubt your setup sounds just as good when I have (2) 12" and 4 amps. I'm over this thread, I found my answer from Ford. Just thought I could get some input last night without having to call Ford today. Thanks for your interest.
  14. The value of my childhood stuffed bunny is priceless.
    To me.

    Someone else would probably just toss it.

    On things like this, its value, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

    Also, no need to get upset, you asked for opinions on a public forum.
    You shouldn't get offended when most people do not share your view.

    As I said before, good luck with your sale.
  15. I looked for an opinion on a good price, not a criticism.
  16. I'm selling it for $800 firm.
  17. So....let me get this straight. Because Ford told you it was a $3k option, you now want $1,000 for it? So if Ford told you the system was only a $1,500, you'd be ok with letting it go for $500? It's called depreciation dude. If the system was 1-2 years old it might fetch that price, but not now....10-years later. I mean hell...the "premium" tape deck system that came in my Fox was probably an $800 option 25-years-ago when the car was new, so it's still gotta be worth at least 1/3 of that, right? Oh's also more than twice as old as your system, so perhaps we should add another $100-$200 to that price because of it's "classic" value? So....$500 for my old tape deck and "premium" speakers....any takers.....anybody? :shrug:

    The previous posters are right. You're nuts if you think you're going to get $1,000 for a 10-year-old system....but hey, you're welcome to try. So far, this guy is only getting 1/10th of that, but I"m sure your system is has something special that makes it worth $900 more, right?

    Be prepared to sit on it if you're not willing to come down to a more realistic figure and don't be so easily offended when someone doesn't meet your ridiculous asking price. Just because you believe it's worth something, doesn't mean others will. Hell, just a few weeks ago you were willing to dump the car on any sucker who would buy it because the previous owner got the better of you when he committed odometer all of the sudden it's the Lost Ark and you're trying to make your money back?

    Live and learn pal. Make smarter choices in the future.

    And how the hell is this a Tech thread to start with. Moved to talk (even if I should actually move it to the trash bin)?
  18. ...and this just turned into a sales thread. :lock:
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  19. This is a great car which is why I didn't sell it. I wanted $5,500 and I'm not letting it go for less. Just threw on new mufflers, sounds damn good. Just trying to sell extra things not needed. I use this as a daily driver and it's not worth having bass for lower gas mileage.

    I actually put the price at $800 if you could read before trying to be a hero. $800 Firm. Doesn't matter how old it is, it's condition, rare and if it still works with no problems is what matters most.

    Like I said before, I'M DONE HERE. Please lock it up mod. Thanks
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