Should I swap my SVT Cobra for supercharged Fox?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by traveller816, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys,

    A question that may test a few allegiences.... I've also posted this on the "5.0 Talk", but I'm looking for a balanced response. I'm in the UK and have a low miles, '96 Cobra, stock other than being 2 inch lower on eibach springs.... i've just been offered a 1990 Fox LX with a Vortec bolted on... spec is as below, i'd be interested in opinions, how much can the 302 handle with stock internals, can the trans. handle the power? I think they've got T5's in them right? The gear head in me gets a hard on when i hear words like supercharger etc etc and i'm sure I'm not the only one!!! Anyway email is below, opinions please, and thanks in advance:

    Best wishes, Saul

    Hi Saul,

    The car was mostly modified in the States, and although i don't have a dyno sheet, i got the numbers from the paper work that came with the car.. but i can safely say that judging from the other cars i've been around it seems accurate, this is a very quick car.. paper work says 420hp/380lbs torque @4000rpm

    Modification are..

    Vortech V1 supercharger making 8psi boost
    B303 Blower Cam shaft
    76mm C&L Mass Air Flow/ 30 lbs injectors to match
    67mm EGR spacer
    High flow throttle body
    JBA adjustable fuel pressure regulator
    Hi flow in-tank fuel pump
    GT-40 upper and lower Hi flow Intake Manifold
    Roller Rockers
    TFS Heads
    JBA shorty Exhaust headers
    Limited slip, 3.55:1 Gears with an LPW Ultimate 8.8 Brace Diff Cover
    Hurst Shifter
    Transmission is a 5 speed from a 92 mustang as they have stronger internals
    Heavy duty Desert Cooler Rad
    Eibach Sportline Springs

    Mileage is 68000
  2. It's hard to go backwards by replacing a relatively modern car with an older one. You'll lose a bunch of things, like a rigid chassis and big brakes. If the Fox still has stock wheels and tires, all that power is only going to make a smoke show from the rear tires. I wouldn't. If you're bored with your Cobra, mod it. It does sound like a cool Fox though.
  3. ^+1 You 96 is gonna have a much better build quality. I wouldn't trade it unless it were a 93 Cobra
  4. Be happy with what you have.
  5. I say go for the power
  6. I wouldn't do it. That trade would be too unequal. If you had a GT then maybe but definitely not a Cobra.
  7. I have a 91 GT with 500 rwhp, i wouldnt do it. Im a die hard fox body guy, but just to many problems, rattles everwhere but man i love it. Plus ur getting someelses stuff, you have no idea how well the mods were done..
  8. I vote stick with the Cobra... Solid car, mod if you want more out of it.
  9. Turbo that Cobra and keep her.
  10. I have both, a 96 Cobra and a 90 GT, stick with the SN95. Although my Fox isnt supercharged I would imagine if it was it would only fall apart faster:D Seriously though, the SN95 cars are much better built and way more comfortable than Fox cars. Plus, I try not to make a habit of buying other peoples "creations". Who knows how well the car was built, you could be out everything if the thing blows up on your first ride. Stick with what you have. Good luck either way.