Should I Trade?

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  1. I have a 2004 Suzuki GSXR 600 bike that I have for sale. Someone has offered to trade an 87 mustang gt for it. It has the kit for the 347 stroker and it seems that it was done right. Currently it won't start because it needs a switch and he said the battery is dead and when it did start a sensor would allow it to warm up to an idle temp then the computer would kill it? I've never heard of that. I will post another comment with all the specs of the car and Dino results if he sends them to me
  2. Trick flow roller lifters, arp forged pistons, eagle h beam rods, 1.6 voodoo roller rockers, scat forged crank with a 200 wet shot nitrous kit. Rings have all been replaced to prep the car for nitrous. Gt40 heads, stage 2 comp cam, posi rear end with 373 gear, billet flywheel, T3350 tranny, aluminum driveshaft and shorty shifter, adjustable clutch. Bbk long tube headers into flow masters with 3" turn downs.
  3. So you are trading for someone else's headache basically.

    No. It's a non-running car.
  4. yep, tel em to get it running and you'll consider it
  5. Those parts seem very mismatched for a stroker engine. Add to the fact it won't start or stay running? Sound s like a 347ci boat anchor to me.
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  6. It doesn't take much to get one of these cars to run right.
    Sounds like someone slapped a bunch of spare parts together and can't get it to run. So i'd question the quality of work.

    Is it even converted to mass air?
    On second thought, not sure it matters.

    I'd say no on the trade.
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  8. I agree mostly what's said above. First of all I have no idea what a Gixxer goes for these days. It also has more to do with the condition of the car as a whole. That's a horribly mismatched 347. Even if you get it running it's going to be a dog. You're going to need new heads for it just for starts. Secondly, every one and their mother has forged internals when they are selling a car. It's hard to verify these things unless he has receipts. Just from what you said though, it doesn't sound like a good deal

  9. Depending on miles and location I would value the bike at 4-5k. A 347 worth it's salt would cost that much to build and most of the avg Fox cars sell for that. I would say if you are looking for a straight trade, look for a stock mustang.
  10. I would never buy a stock Fox these days. You can buy someone else's heart ache for a song. Even ones without mismatched engines. That's thousands of dollars in parts you get included.

  11. I decided it wouldn't be worth it in the long run. I appreciate all the feedback from you guys I think I'll let someone else scratch a whole in their head over it
  12. yeah a stage 2 cam with gt40s sounds like they thought about 1/4 of what is actually going in/on the motor.
  13. I depends on how much your bike is worth. IMO about 3k is all your gonna get for your 600 without even looking at it. Have you seen the car? Care to show pics of the bike and the car? I love motorcycles but they are a dime a dozen. Foxbodies on the other hand are not IMO. I say get rid of that old dinosaur bike and get the stang. You'll get more out of the deal.
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  14. No, I disagree. He should get rid of his "old dinosaur bike" and get a nice clean Mustang, not the POS non-running crap can he was offered.
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