1. I bought this to replace the sagging upper spoiler on the SVO...it's already painted the right color and everything...should I put it on there or the SVO?


  2. looks pretty good actually. Not opposed to the idea. But then what about the SVO?

  3. I think it looks good on the LX. Is the sagging that bad on the SVO?

    You plan on smoothing out where the spoiler was broken off on the bottom, right?
  4. no preference. I've got a spare I was gonna put on the LX myself - but since it's really not a 'vo I'm not planning to now. Don't need two cars w/ wings for me.
  5. Well, if I do it then I'll fix the original badly sagging svo wing and reinstall it. I will smooth out the bottom so it fits right...

    I just don't know...

  6. just get some bi-wing supports. I have seen some pics of cars that have them and they aren't that noticeable. and the people said they got them pretty cheap.
  7. just a suggestion, but i dont see why you could not grind down a small strip section on the bottom of the wing and fiberglass in stiff piece of Flat steel. I have seen it done with other things, you just embed the steel into a ground out slot, cover it over with glass, smooth it out, and paint it. The steel would help keep it rigid and maintain the look of the original wing.

  8. I think it looks pretty good where it is.
  9. Your car has a very sleek look too it, and i don't think the bi-wing add's much to it. I'd put it on the SVO.
  10. Doesnt look bad at all, and since it is kinda the same thing as an svo (turbo 2.3 stang) i dont have anything against it except it takes away from the sleeperish look of it....so does that gauge pod though ;)
  11. I don't think there is anything "sleeperish" about my car...paint, wheels, pod, etc just doesn't scream sleeper to me.

    I will reinforce the wings with steel and a support...just haven't done it yet.

    Still up in the air with this one...
  12. my version of sleeperish is non-gt /aftermarket body kit, no GT emblems etc....the things people accsoicate with "fast"
  13. In my town a bare LX is just as dangerous. You have to be somewhere in between.
  14. To me its still sleeperish, most of us has seen people put there money in to the wheels/ paint job first and the car is slow as hell ( like mine). Your car not only looks good, but can kick some ass also. Most people probly wouldn't think twice about your car thinking its just 4 looks. Don't get me wrong that other wing looks good on there, but your car looks pretty slick already and would fool a ton of people around my neck of the woods :nice:

    ***I'm not trying to put down these who put wheels etc on a car with no turbo/V-8 after all that is what I've done I'm trying to say most don't have the money for looks and power at the same time***