1. I see these on ebay all thetime and was wondering how good they are. Do any of you guys have them? How are they? Would you reccommend that I buy them? Thanks for your help.
  2. wut are "these"?
  3. i think a couple of people have them. I just went with the stock looking whiteface plates. They are more than enough standoutish for me....but thats just me.
  4. I wouldn't do 'em myself, but I like the stock blackface gauges. Hell, I even got blackface boost and oil pressure gauges because I know I'm not gonna be swapping to whiteface for a long time, if ever.

    Your choice, though.

  5. Errrr, is that the actual guage or a "representation"? The pic I'm seeing has redline at 4,500 and only goes to 85mph. Sorry. It's early. Maybe I'm missing something.
  6. I put some of the reverse indiglos in my Thunderbird, but that's mostly because they're the only white face gauges you can get for a Thunderbird. They're pretty cool though.
  7. if i was going to order a guage face kit, order one from 5.0Resto or something that has a black background with a white guage face. Those all white ones look like trash.
  8. thos reverse guages are really cool, keep looking around on ebay, they have some with the middle one with the warning ligts too. im planning on getting one this summer.

    and its only supposed to go to 4,500 rpm, my stock guages are exactly the same as that.