Show me pics of 87-93 LX's with bras...

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  1. I know, I know, please don't flame me too hard! :(

    I have this BIG nasty paint boo boo on my front bumper (which is also cracked from someone backing into me awhile ago) and I can't afford to replace the clip and have it repainted....but the big nasty boo boo is just getting bigger and bigger. I wish I had a pic to show you guys...I'm not worried about rust or anything because it's on teh bumper, but it loks HORRIBLE. I'm thinking the short-term solution would be to get a bra to cover the damage for the time being.....

    Anyone have pics? Any LX, but red would be perfect! :nice:

    TIA guys!
  2. Taryn here is my boosted 89LX if you need more let me know.

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  3. Show us the front side, and we will photochop a bra on you.... errr the car. :p
  4. DON'T use bras to cover the damage.. 'cuz all the front of your hood will rust.. The gurl who owned my car before me put that ***** on it.. and now all the front of my hood is rusted..

    Check on that picture the front of my hood(just above the ford emblem).. I've painted over the rust because I had no other choice..

    link doesn't work anymore.. :(
  5. She's gonna have to paint the nose anyway to fix the damage so what is the harm in it..
  6. hmmm... true... :D
  7. you could chip all the flakes off, sand it smooth and get some touch up. Probably cheaper that way.
  8. Bras RUIN the look of ANY car. Yuck! dont do it!!!! probably cheaper to repaint the bumper than buy a bra, and bras Destroy the very paint you are trying to protect. Bras :notnice:

  9. yea they do scratch your paint a lot from all the sand that gets under it
  10. Are you bahaaing? (dont flame me for my crappy spelling :D ) Anyways, my old roomate had a bra on his 91 integra for little over a year, and ended up with only 1 spot of rust because he mounted the battery wrong and it made a dent in the hood (he's no genius) But after he took it off, they was little or no damage from the bra. So i guess you take your chance with the bra, or have a horrible looking front end? :shrug:
  11. Thank you my son but I like her rear end more.
  12. I have no bra, and the front end looks fine. I do know a guy who bought a used car with a bra on it and once removed he discovered the paint underneath was chafed badly and had not faded at the same rate as the rest of the car. it looked so bad he had the whole front end repainted. He was NOT happy about that at all.

  13. Well you guys are doing a good job of convincing me not to get one. :p Maybe I'll reconsider..........
  14. I was waiting for someone to post a car with one hanging from the rear view mirror
  15. 87-93 fox:




  16. :rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh:

  17. Can't afford the car....but I do own the bra (Go Victoria's!!!!) :p
  18. I love that notch, it looks almost like one that a guy in my Stang club has. This pic is in Turkey, not Colorado. :rlaugh:


  19. i like this one... supposedly it got stolen and never saw it again though... sux.


    its just a really clean simple notch... but supposedly was pretty damn quick. welds are mean "im gonna kick your (_|_)" lookin rims...