Show me your 18" rims!!!!

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  1. Yeah i've been thinking of moving it back.... How hard was it?
    Did you plug up the holes? if not, doesnt the trunk lid leak in the rain now?
  2. [​IMG]
    The new Roush rims
  3. have any more pics of your wheels? they look awesome! :nice:

  4. :nice: :hail2:
  5. 285/35 rear, 265/35 front w/H&R SS springs and Bilstein Shocks

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  6. Don't take this personal, but I liked the BBS Plasmas better on your ride. I guess it was more "unique" in my opinion (not that these wheels don't look sweet). Either way, you have one fine ride there. :nice:
  7. Thats cool but in person the dark chrome looking rims just did not work plus my car without the sidepipes & rear bumper really made it look like it was not even a Roush.
    So I needed the Roush rims to Roush it up more

  8. bit off topic, but Roush 'Stang has fold away mirror?
    want to get one for my self!!!
  9. Check out my chrome LM1 18's

    Check out my chrome LM1 18's
  10. I just got these:



    Black hypercoated Faleen rims.
  11. Pics in Sig!
  12. Easily the one of the top 3 best looking stangs on stangnet :worship: :flag:
  13. looks good from the HAVE to put a side exhaust kit on that...then you REALLY look like the cobra R....looks good thus far though...

  14. :shrug:
  15. well, I had a couple of REALLY good pics, but they were uploaded on a site that wouldnt let me post here.

    But anyways....................

    18" Chrome FR500's

  16. Thanx,

    Hopefully by the end of next year it will have the HP of a Cobra R!