Show me your 18" rims!!!!

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  1. Dude,

    You must be single with all the crap you put on your car. I don't know any women that would let one person poor all that money into one car. You must have 30k in your car. Give us the link to the other pic's. I would like to see the Fr500's on all four corners.
  2. [​IMG]

    These are a limited runs of centerlines that were actualy sold by american raing 18x9 in front and 10.5 with 285 nitto 5555's
  3. Come on man don't be a poser. Nice editing of pics. I do like the white wheels though


  4. I like this one better :D

  6. that may be one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life :D

  7. gorgeous car man, that's exactly what I wanted to have done to my car but the body shop wouldnt put on non-factory parts after my accident.
  8. Thanks man,

    Why wouldn't they do that? It is normaly the insurance company that doesn't let you use aftermarket parts. But it can almost always been done.
    You just have to make a big deal of it. The worst thing that will usually happen is they won't warranty the work
  9. know, I take care kids with MR, and i don't think its that funny...

    well, may be little :p

  10. :owned:
  11. Wow that guy in the yellow car went over the same hill I did:grin:
    Hey how do you know that wasn't me following Shaun Hyland's car over that hill:rollinglaugh: (my smilies don't work and Mraburn won't fix them)
  12. Thats some funny ****.


  13. I take care of my girl as well. But, yes...I've always said, I've got 2 Girlfriends.
  14. I am not a big fan of that body style but that Cobra is simply gorgeous. Amazing what wheels and a nice drop can do to a car ! One more Stang pic for my screensaver :banana:
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  16. here are my roush 18's

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  17. Oh yes, really fine wheel. I saw them on a Mach I very very nice. Like you I want to stay with 17 inch wheel or I'd have bought the FR500.
  18. Roush wheels

    first style Roush wheels powdercoated

  19. Looks even better in person :D