Show me your gauge setups!

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  1. The odometer is contained on its own little circuit board. When you swap instrument clusters, you need to move your original odometer circuit board over to the new cluster.

    The computer that runs the engine, verifies that your original odometer circuit board is there, and has not be hacked. If it finds anything wrong, it will not allow your engine to start.

  2. Yeah.. what he said. :nice:
  3. autometer nexus oil pressure and water temp in speed of sound pillar pod with there raptor shiftlight mount



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  4. Have ya'll noticed how the 99 and up aftermarket gauges have a nice thick frame/ring around them? Do they offer anything like that for the 98 and down models?
  5. How well does the color match with the SOS pods? Or did you have to paint it? If so what did you use?
  6. matches perfect
  7. Where did you find that? Like how the gauges those two guages are built into it? I have been looking something like that for a while.
  8. +1

    I have really no need for them, but I would like to know where you got them for future references

  9. Ohh ok, cool thats good to know. Becuase i bought a new cluster and i am going to use it for my new guages when i get them....

    Now my question is, Where is this circut board, what does it look like and how do I swap out my OEM one so that way my car will start??? :shrug:

  10. from jegs made by autometer.. it only comes in black tho i had to primer/paint it.
  11. At least we know the search-botton is still working.


  12. Is this what you are referring to (red arrows)?


    If so, you can get those for any 99-04 cluster from Explicit Auto:
  13. no, the thick frame around the gauges that give them a deep-dish look (inset). There's like a 'lip' on around them
  14. I know I am dragging an old post back up here, but WhiteStang, what white face gauge set are you using?
  15. wish i had a boost guage

  16. Where did you get that pillar from?! That looks sharp!

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  17. Thats a Speed of Sound gauge pillar...
  18. wasn't there someone here recently that bought Speed of Sound pods, and Autometer gauge didn't fit(not enough depth) or something like that?
  19. yeah Ambo, then Speed of Sound sent all the customers who bought the pods between certain dates new ones...they had a bad batch get out. The guy posted in Ambo's thread in tech yesterday....very good customer service. They will get my business.