show me your wheels!

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  1. Chrome Cobra R's 17x10.5's and 315's in the rear... Eibach Sportlines...





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  2. Those wheels look nice. Nice bronco too, I was thinking about picking one up as an off-road toy. Where abouts in MA are you?? I'm in the Fall River area.


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  3. sorry, but that body kit is not for me ... :puke:
  4. For some reason when i saw your car i thought of a transformers

    Transformers robots in disguise!!
  5. +1:stupid:

  6. For now, i just added some mach 1 springs this pass week.The drop was ok,but next year i will try to get some different springs for the front.

  7. I just noticed this but are your cobra emblems backwards? It looks like they are facing the back of the car... i allways thought they faced the front :shrug:
  8. 100_0292.jpg
    2001/or 2003 Cobra's........

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  9. Is that a Cobra R or RR hood?

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  11. These are a bit newer to the 94-04 market.....GT40 Style, close to the FR500s.


  12. Ok guys this is about my wheels, not to get flamed about my choice in body kits. As for the cobra emblems yes they are on backwards. When the shop repainted my car they put them on backwards and i haven't taken it back to get them fixed.. Waiting for this spring when I get the Y2K Cobra front bumper.
  13. The more I see this car the more I like it. The rims are classy. :nice: Maybe it is also because it is black?

    Hey and you guys wit hyellow car stop posting cause you are making me want to paint my car yellow again.

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  14. 20x10 rears and 19x8 fronts. TSW Thruxton


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  15. Is it wrong to masterbate to a wheel and tire combo? Yo Clark I thought you were selling this beast. Did wifey let you keep it or what?

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  16. 1. I was joking about selling.

    2. I wear the pants!

  17. Thats what they let you think women are evil
  18. Thanks for the compliments Vic. I'm in the Worcester area.
  19. Check out these sweet rims.....there durabacked black...anyone want some for there stang? lol

    hey illwood...i know this is a little bit off topic, but i figured i'de show you my bronco..also im in Ma, do you wheel that bronco?