show me your wheels!

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  1. redsnake do you still have your stock bumper and side skirts i might be able to make you an offer if you do
  2. :jaw: :drool: :drool: :drool:

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  3. :eek: :eek: :eek: Thats what I have always wanted to do with my jeep. lol.

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  4. i love the duraback. Check out the finish:
    I think about how cheap and easy it would be to duraback my


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  5. 100_0339.jpg



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  6. 1003139vu1.jpg

    Ya, ya...I know, it's getting lowering springs sometime soon. Motor is out right now, in the process of rebuilding and then DIY turbo kit....:nice:

    BTW, it has a 88' 5.0 motor/manual trans in it. Not a v6......

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  7. cobra r hood from cevini's, part # 117.
  8. stock 04 gt

  9. i picked that up too they are suppost to face the front if its a real snake....

    EDIT: sorry didn't even see there was a 3rd page to notice your reply nevermind this but if anyone is wonder heres the answer
  10. Nice wheels but I dont really care for the spinners.

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  11. IMG_0656-1.jpg

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  12. :scratch:

    EDIT: turbogt, again, your car is awesome! But what happened to the fogs? You not like them?
  13. Nicely done! :nice:

    Nah, I don't do much wheeling with that Bronco. It pretty much only goes offroad on my grandmother's family farm/orchard. The old '91 Bronco had been known to play in the mud. Current tires on the '95 are better suited to snow and just clog in the mud.

    Mines not as well suited as your for offroad, but if you want to go wheeling sometime, lemme know and I'll put the old tires on.
  14. Wheels....i noticed it was for 18" wheels after i posted, my bad
  15. Nobody can touch mine. They are not 18's, but they are clean :rlaugh: . I just sold my Cobra R's.


    Here is what it looked like before.


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  16. ...damn i would have bought them....:(

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  17. I sold them for $700, but the tires were about half worn.
  18. Any one have pics of 20" chrome bullits that's what im going to put on my cobra. I don't race much and 18's look to small are cars have a huge wheel gap.
  19. thats what lowering the car is for.

    The only 20's I've seen look good on a 94-98 are on the back of Tom's (69clark) car.