show me your wheels!

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  1. yea i got a 17" wheel on mine (not lowered yet) and i know what you mean out wheel wells look so big my 17" looks like a 14" wheel
  2. IMG_0656-1.jpg

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  3. 18x8 and 18x10.5 DPE



    Car is almost done so pics with wheels on will be coming soon.
  4. Shane are you kidding me???!?!?! Those are bomb and freakin super expensive!!
  5. don't have pics right this moment butt...

    authentic saleens

    18x9 in front and 18x10 in the back
  6. I'm contemplating buying the chrome GT wheels too. I'm stuck between them and dd fr500's
  7. I think it looks meaner without them, plus the intake for my blower sits right behind the opening now because of my powerpipe.

  8. We think alike. I was just seeing what your reason was. Although I haven't installed my bumper & fogs yet, I will try it both ways & see which one I like best in person. Thanks for giving me a pic to look at to kind of help there. Car looks sweet! Love the side scoops.

  9. The aren't too expensive. The tires actually cost more than the wheels. Had I known that, I may have thought twice. They get lots of compliments out here becuase they are a little different. I'm not really diggin he 18s though. I think next summer I will be going back to 17s. I have been going back and forth with fikse up here in WA to get a custom set made for my car. We'll see.

    Catch up later JP....
  10. When/if I get new wheels, I'd like to get 17x9 in the front and 18x10 in the rear and do it with either bullits or fr500s. I like the staggered look, like the vettes, vipers, gt etc.

    What do you guys think about this?
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  12. Tom, do they make those wheels in chrome?

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  13. These are also cool wheels, 18x9.5, steeda pentar

  14. No, but you could probably send them out to be chromed.
  15. Those wheels look hott, where'd you get them? do you have any more angles?

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  16. thats a totally different look for a mustang....undecided..:shrug:
  17. I agree Nacho .... those Steeda's are awwesome.