show off your engine bay!

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  1. Hey Tanus, how do the hood pins mounted on the hinges hold up? Does the hood shake around or is it pretty stable? I have big ugly brackets and that looks nicer.
  2. Finally got it out of the garage and took pics of the new set-up

  3. perfect, Ive done like 150mph like that and hood doesnt move or shake at all. Ive painted the hinges/bracket flat black since the pic, so now they blend in better

    lift-off hoods FTW!!!

  4. Thanks! I am going to try and see if I can do it!
  5. 1993 cobra.

  6. 1992 GT

    Here's My Weekend Warrior....

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  7. Heres some pictures when I started I thought I posted some up..the first are with my gt-40 when i just started my wiring..the others are after my paxton and systemax..sorry pictures where taken at night with my cell..

  8. Progress pic:

    Everyone loves an oil filter in the wheel well :rlaugh:

    Before intake was on:

    Now Pics:
    (ignore the wheels, im on '03 bullitts now)

    The hood is slightly propped on this one... :rolleyes:
  9. Clean man! What type of fan did you go with?
  10. I ended up sticking with my SN95 e-fan. I painted it flat black, bought a black overflow bottle and got new mounting hardware.

    I completely forgot I never took a pic with the new fan.
  11. how did you get your coil wire through the bay? did you have to splice?
  12. 89 Fox with air2 air kenne bell

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  13. Heres my 89 gt

    What i worked on all winter
    I dont know the numbers yet i got 100 miles on it its a rebuilt 306 9:1 compression svo gt40 heads...ect...... im going for a dynotune next week cant wait
  14. Looks like he cut the harness and used wire connectors to connect it back to the plug. I did something similar with mine, though you can't see that part in the picture I posted.
  15. thanks i was just making sure before i do any splicing i dont want anything to short out

  16. Nice job man :nice:
  17. after 2 years here it is, our non bling motor...



  18. Trbofox that is sick. so damn clean and looks crazy good in that red engine bay. amazing job and one of my top favorites :nice: