Show off your stang

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  1. Here are my foxes......

    I did have seven mustangs at one time (with all running and none on blocks!! LOL)

    I'm now down to 6 'stangs :(






  2. SNAKEBIT7....:jaw: Sweet back yard!!

    wythors...beautiful always!:nice:
  3. Here are some pic's of my 90 GT before and after.Now I'm waiting to do a 5lug conversion with new wheels.

  4. I think you will be just fine with only five of them, so ill come take that blue notch off your, sweet rides
  5. wow, I can barely manage one! I'll takle that SVO off your hands, looks pretty clean!
  6. heres a few pics of my 89 lx

    car started as a red 89 4 cylinder automatic hatchback. then the work started, dss 306 level 10 block, trick flow twisted wedge aluminum heads. cobra intake with 70mm bbk tb,bbk cold air, msd 6al, f cam, 30lb. injectors,73mm c&l mass air, tremmec tko600 5 speed tranny, pro 5.0 shifter, 373 gears, full stainless exhaust off road h pipe, dynomax mufflers, 17'' silver cobra r's, bbk subframe connectors,2" bbk lowered suspension, dupont blazing copper paint, 4'' cowl hood, autometer gauges, battery relocated to hatch, blackout headlights, gt tails, saleen wing

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  7. heres a few more pics not sure how to attach more ot once

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  8. I'll add mine to the thread. These are pics from the this past summer, the car is currently in resto mode and stripped down.


    '93 cobra wheels will be going.






  9. DMURB...:jaw: Sick hatch! Love that color!

    Habiv..that looks amazing with those wheels! Very clean!
  10. Well for 1 i didnt know the compression was that low. and my intake is 75mm so i went with the TB to match and i've seen (data) of peoples 351 running lean or max duty on 30# injectors. peace

  11. I sold/traded the blue 88 notch and the 93 GT :(
    Right now I've got the 84 SV0, 87 notch (not shown), 88 black notch (shown), 91 LX, 99 Cobra Convertible and 02 GT (daily driver).
  12. I'm currently restoring the SVO. Bodywork is done, seats have been recovered, etc. I'm in the process of taking the dash out to replace the heater core. You haven't truely become a man until you replace a heater core in a mustang. This will be my third (in different cars).
  13. Here is my 88 GT, Daily driver built street car.
  14. Beautiful color! I was wanting to do a 93 Cobra clone in that color, black stripes over the top, GT500 rocker stripes and do it as project "Copperhead". Thought it'd be a nice them. I was also thinking of black spoked wheels similar to the PS engineering wheels on the modern Eleanor.

    Nice car!
  15. the pony boy...that looks sweet! Any more pix of it?