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  1. so all this talk about subs and amps has got me wanting to know what everyone else with a stang is bumping around with.


    Its not much, just the basic setup. kicker L7 with 800.1 amp, rockford wiring.
    I build the box myself, ported and sealed like you wouldnt know.
    Still under construction, still want to plexiglass the box and paint it crystal white.

    Picture kinda sucks was taken with my phone.
  2. sound forum?
  3. not if I want to see what it looks like in a 4.6!

    but ok you may be right
  4. I find it best that if you like your system, you keep it to yourself..

    Not to be a downer or anything just some words of experience.

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  5. well i dont think anyone from stangnet is planning looking me up to steal my car.

    everyone so far has been a downer to this tread, i just wanted to see some setups in a stang
  6. I posted mine in the interior thread

    all interior speakers have been swapped with kicker units in stock locations with stock covers...Alpine 9855 deck...and a custom install

  7. Dont like the bump! Adds too much weight for street pounding ya heard meh!
  8. Thats a very clean install, who did it?
  9. Hey silverbullet, when they stole your system, did they take the vent bezel trim piece too? I'm asking because my buddy here had his 95 GT broken to at the airport, and they took the whole vent piece for some reason. Why would thieves want that piece?
  10. a shop up here in Toronto

    they cater more towards the import scene....but they're damn good with custom audio
  11. Wow, That place looks amazing! I have heard of a couple really good install places in Canada.
  12. IMG_0630.jpg

    I didn't have the battery terminals in stock that I needed at the time, but I have matching sets of these now

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  13. very nice setup!

    im' speechless
  14. What was your clock? A boost guage? Thats sick!!!!!!!
  15. No unfortunately... Depending on what wideband setup I get, it might become that....
    The system is about to be redone again, this time with Memphis Car Audio..
    Currently there is an Alpine Double DIN Touchscreen in there (replaced dash with 01+).. Like I said, I have to clean up the wiring at the batteries and amps, and replace the rear passenger side trunk panel ( cut too short)....
    I spent about 4 months on building the system but Had to finish it in a hurry so I cut a few corners ONLY at the end, such as the exposed power wires for the amps, etc....
  16. indeed
  17. turbo gt, thats exactly where my subs are mounted i have 2 12" on each side but the subs are exposed... after i did that i can really whip the ass end of my car lol, that and i have my 3 amps mounted in my spare tire comartment....
  18. Sick96GT, how do you put your top down? LOL
  19. I dont have any pics right now and I dont have much to speak about anyway.

    Kenwood KDC-MP5032 CD Players - $129 at crutchfield on clearance

    I highly recommend it, 3 -4V outputs, motorized face plate, 22W X 4. Sounds awesome and its a steal because you get all that you need to install it too free.

    Has output for HD radio, Ipod, Sirius, XM, CD changer, etc.

    The rest is pretty standard cheap stuff

    Pioneer 4 ways front and back

    Hifonics Titan TX4005 Amp

    Rockford Fosgate Punch Series 1 10" Subs
  20. I thought of that, i put the top down in the car, THEN build the box to fit inside. It clears fine.

    thats why the box is so wide, and not deep, for harder bass.