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  1. Not as nice and fancy as the ones above, but I can still fit 2 surboards in the car and head to the beach.

    Most of the stuff is all hidden under the cover.

    Sub has been replaced with a JL-W6v2.


  2. thats exactly what i need to do, but have been to lazy to start fiberglassing the spare tire well.
  3. 1TRIKGT

    What did you use to finish up the custom center piece? Got any good sites to learn how to do this? Thanks Man
  4. Its a plastic adhesive thats made for molding to plastics called 1040EZ from an online they have instructional videos that you can watch for free also
  5. very nice setup, post some pictures when you finish it up. Cant wait to see what it looks like finished.

    thats the same stuff I just bought to start molding my sub into the trunk.
  6. thanks I will take a look at it.
  7. My system isnt finished , it looks like crap right now, but here it is anyway. Rockford Fosgate amps, Power 1000.1 and a Power 400.4 , Infinity 6.5s and 3.5s , stock rear speakers, 3 MTX 10s an Alpine CDA- 9827 , 200 amp circiut breaker, 2 batteries. I really need a better alternator though :nonono:

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    my pics suck, i need to take more updated pics.

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  8. Are those heated rear seats?
  9. Only if the amps get hot :D
  10. Did you do this or a custom shop?

  11. left it to the pros....but described exactly what I wanted....they had the car for a week.....spent 27 hours collectively
  12. Man, how much did that run you?
  13. keep in mind...Canadian $$$

    new Alpine deck.....all the interior speakers swapped with Kicker units.....2 Kicker subs...2 Alpine amps....custom install....even the hidden detail compartment (spare tire area) is carpeted....and the underside of the hatch is also finished in satin wrapping the enclosure in leather....and the back side of the sub enclosure (the side facing the interior when the rear seats are down) is done in interior grade carpet.....$5500 all in....taxes (14% here) labour/material/parts etc

    sounds like a lot of bucks....but when you start pricing all the components wasn't all that bad

    told the wife $3,000...lmao:shrug:
  14. :eek:
  15. i feel bad for you Canadians:(

  16. mods tend to bend us over good.....we get US exchange, then add shipping, then add 14% tax

    when I got my Kennebell in 2005, the US price on the site was $3849 US + $600 for the polished the time I saw cost me $7200....:shrug:
  17. You ever think of moving a??????:D

    right now its a cold 76*:(
  18. thanks a's like -15 celcius today and we just got a foot of snow over the last 24 hours:bang: