Show us your "RED" Fox Mustangs!

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  1. i dont thing weld draglites look bad. Well actually they only look good on a coupe with no wing and a cowl hood IMO. They look like chit on 87-93 GT's.

  2. :stupid:
    they need to go with the car. IMO, theyre hit or miss.
  3. Some of mine

    And this makes the red ones look real good :p
  4. what is that...................a del sol! why man, why.... j/k man that stang is sick, is it turbo or supercharged?-edit:never mind just read your sig
  5. Hey its not mine allright! I made an attempt to make it go away but I was using paint lol
  6. :D ssssssssssuuuuuuuuuure lol
  7. VG30DE - do you drive that car on the street? Is that the vecco twin turbo kit? It doesnt look safe when you're missing most of your bumper like that.
  8. I do like it.Mine is a two tone as well except it has a darker red.When I repaint I was thinking of making the bottom a bit shinier than stock.

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  9. :rlaugh:
  10. Thats the Vecco front mount intercooler only. I wanted it to get maximum airflow and sit right behind the stock LX bumper but still not be visible unless you know its there, so I removed the bumper support and used a forward rake to allow it to have the entire core right in the opening of the bumper without having to modify the bumper skin at all. It works very well. And when is it ever safe to drive a twin turbo notchback? lol

    Vecco uses water cooled internal gate turbos and all stainless piping. And the kit is around 5 grand. So I just bought the intercooler from them, got turbos and external gates from ebay, flanges and fittings from Victor Research/Forced Performance and made all the stuff myself. Cost me around $1900 and countless hours of fabrication and fitting. Worth it? All day long. And yes I drive it on the street. I took it to work today as a matter of fact. (about 45 mins from home) And I'll be taking it to New England Dragway tonight to run probably the last time of the year on street night. Round trip from home to the track is 215 miles and I usually average 18 miles per gallon including track runs on the tank. I pretty much never ever trailer it unless its broken.
  11. My 89, just back from paint ..

  12. my thing on 4 tires

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  13. That is ***%^& Sick!!!! Please post more pics man!
  14. Thanks, I'm pretty excited about it. I'm the original owner with more than 265,000 miles.. nice to see it looks new again!

    I should have pics this weekend..
  15. Nice! I like it too. I see what ya mean with the darker red. But yeah, that'd make for a nice lookin ride.

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  16. Mineralgsvt. What is the color code of your red? I gotta repaint mine but the strawberry red that came on the car is too orange for me. I really like what you have done. Is that the Cervinis air damn kit too? Thanks.
  17. Not sure, but I have the remaining Dupont paint at home, I'll post up later. It is the factory color for '89, and I believe it's called Vermillion now.

    Thanks, yeah, Cervinis Saleen kit.

    Edit - Paint code is 21 (Vermilion, Bright red, etc.)
  18. Awsome. Thanks!
  19. In 1990 their were 2 Vermillion Red's (that was their name at the time). One was clearcoat, the other was not. My car is the non-clearcoat Vermillion color which has an orange hue to it sometimes.

    :nonono: to the non-clearcoat paint. Worst part was basecoat/clearcoat was a no cost option. Why the F wouldn't you order it? It's clearly better. :nonono:

    Vermillion can lok a little bit orange in some light. There was also a Toredor Red (I think that's the name), which I believe the convertable a few posts back is. EDIT: I was refferring to Topdowncruise's car.

    There was also an uncommon Strawberry Red Clearcoat Metallic for a little while. It was a pretty cool looking color.