Show your beaters, let's see them.

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  1. Whether it's you winter beater or your 2nd car beater, let's see it. Also give a little info on it. I love the idea of having a beater, but if I could I'd be driving the stang year round. It hasn't rained here in over a month:mad:

    Here's mine. 1994 Crown Vic police interceptor, 130,000 miles, cd, $1800 total after new wheels and tires( I love ebay now). I never thought I'd drive something that got worse gas mileage than the mustang, I take back all the complaining I ever did lol. I love it though, it gets me around with COLD a/c and it it extremely reliable. I'm thinking if I change the o2 sensors it'll help with the gas mileage. I hate this automatic though, although it is much better than the stock c4 I used to have in the mustang. Stomping on it at 65 delivers a solid kickdown and acceleration. Not bad for such a fat car. For you interstate drivers, you can't beat the cop car. Man people are so courteous now :rlaugh: Future plans include, possible mustang 4.6 engine swap, suspension, and a paint job if I feel like it. Here's some pics.



  2. my daily driver


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  3. Nice beater mercedes there lol.

    Hey burnout289 I wish I had your gas mileage :D
  4. [​IMG]
    my '99 jeep cherokee sport. all stock except the bike rack and CB
  5. Mine is only a year older than me
    <img src=>
  6. i guess my stang is the beater all the other cars are nicer
  7. hahaha, yeah. and I live fairly close to work, so I only fill up like twice per year. :p

    even though some people would call me a heathen for owning this car, I have learned a lot about suspension as well as other performance parts because of it. cuz let's face it, you need to do a lot to make Hondas go! :flag:
  8. ive just got my mustang, but i wouldnt call it a beater :D
  9. My Beater

  10. My daily beater:

    And sometimes this:
  11. <img src="">
    ^The "Artistic" Picture (it was taken on my cellphone's camera, hence the horrible quality.)
    <img src="">
    ^ After I finished modding it, aka, adding a Stick On. Eventually there will be a computer in the trunk running Linux, hooked up to the Head Unit to be an mp3 server (And so the passanger can play Doom or watch Movies)eventually.
  12. Ooooh!

    I like the red BMW!
  13. I'll post a pic tonight- but I rock the '97 Escort!!! Originally was that awful tarty-mint-green type color, but had it painted black to at least keep my sanity!
  14. [​IMG]

    '64 Falcon Sprint - V8...4-speed...3.50 posi. rear...Hooker headers with X pipe and Flowmaster mufflers...Granada discs....Power steering...Shelby drop...Roller bearing spring perhces...braced lower arms with spherical bearing inside pivot...cut front coils...seam welded shock towers...hand built rear leafs...1 1/8" front - 7/8" rear sway bars...KYB shocks...trunk mounted batt.

    Just a little something I through together for me to drive on the street.

  15. Beater

    Here's mine:
  16. I actually have anice car now: 98 Mercury Grand Mraquis with 80,000 miles. In the past though:
    Big ol' station wagon with the shelf paper wood siding,($200)
    Pickemup truck, ($300)
    Ranchero, ($500), flloor optional
    Merc. of some type that finally blew head gasket($150)
    Torino that was totaled($300): We starightened the frame by tying a logging chain to a tree stump and taking off real fast :rlaugh: Actually, it worked. The car would jerk at the end of the chain and pull the car completely off the ground in the back. The measurements came within 1/8" of each other and alot of caved in panels popped out before the frame rail tore and we stopped.