Show your beaters, let's see them.

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  1. I wish I could afford to get a beater. I had one but I made the mistake of leting my little sister drive it.
  2. Here's mine that i drive about 50-80 miles a day:

  3. My daily driver used to be my '73 until it broke. Now I usually use my dad's '97 Turbo Powerstroke F-250 If none of the crews are going to use it for work. Or I use the family '02 E-150. But that is all going to change since we are about half way to getting the stang back on the street. I fianlly had enough disposable income to get the parts I need.
  4. 2 weeks ago I would have posted pictures of my 90 coupe, but then some careless camaro driver slammed into me. someone should start a "post pictures of your engine/trans donor car" thread so i can still post pictures of the 90!
  5. hey, nice rack

    luggage rack that is on the Expedition
  6. my slow dry weather beater

    every other day beater begging for a lift...
  7. [​IMG]

    My yr around beater with lots of HP. LOL
  8. mx6941.jpg

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  9. [​IMG]

    What it used to look like.

    And the cd player from my broken mustang.
  10. Blown65 your truck is sweet. Gotta love a nice chevy truck. Nice beaters guys!
  11. The summer beater...

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    which is better than my stang!
  12. Nice mag 500's dude!
  13. The Beater Weekend Driver

    Wish I had other pics of the 88 Dodge police car and the 85 Stang.
  14. hey mr. bob marly, that thing is awsome! i got a 92 Grand Marquis that i drive till the mustang is done (and in the winter) i LOVE it. shes my baby. its all stock for now, i'll soon be puting on my side pipes(with glasspacks), a CB (just gotta have one) and i might put a "cheaper" sound system in it. man i wish i could afford rims like that, even if i could i wouldn't use em in the winter anyway.

    but they do have guts. my 4.6 goes if you hit it right. needs some work done on it right now though.. the rear end is in real rough shape, won't even peel out any more, just grinds (ouch)... the posi took a dump first, it was all down hill from there.
  15. None67 thanks man! Believe it or not the wheels were 750 bucks for wheels and tires with only 400 miles on them. There are deals on ebay if you're patient enough. The cop car I got for a grand at 107,000 miles. It needed 500 bucks worth of tires anyway, so the 750 for wheels AND tires was pretty cool. The wheels weren't my first choice as they are only 17x7 but then I thought, hey I could fit these on the stang when it's done. So it was a two birds with one stone kind of thing.

    Now lemme get this straight, you're putting side pipes on the gm? I'm planning on the same thing, but I want to do headers at the same time. Then I'm gonna start on the tremec 5 speed hehehe.......
  16. Passat_2.JPG
    2001 Passat​

    I used to have a true beater - 1991 Taurus, but the oil pan gasket blew and when I went to replace it, I had to remove the catalytic converter. When I removed the c.c. the bolts broke into both exhaust manifolds. While removing the exhaust manifolds, 6 out of 12 bolts broke into the heads. Then I welded nuts onto the remaining studs and the dang bolts broke flush with the heads. That's when I realized those cars are truly disposable, so I junked it.

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  17. MrBobMarley, holy deal batman!

    i got my MGM for free realy, use to be my parents. my dad bought it in 94 of an older couple in mint condition. since then they drove it till about 99ish when they parked it for about 1 1/2 - 2 years. this KILLED the poor girl. started burning oil, front fenders rusted, ect, ect. so.

    i recently got my lisense this year and i clamed it, and basicly started fixing it up on the side, the mustang came first. anyway, i've become extreamly attached to the ol' girl and i can't stop making plans with it. their just SO cool, big and have a fair size engine. sounds a lot like a modern day muscle car, no?

    but yea, i'm puting a new exhaust on it, routing out the side. its got the dual exhaust option already, so that makes it alot easier. a cb, well i always wanted one and it goes with the dukes of hazzard theme, the sound system is because my tape deck just blew and my speakers crackel like they want to be chucked out.

    as for everything else that i want to do (and trust me i WANT to do) i can not really do it. i'm in high school and push in every extra hour i can at work (man i NEVER EVER get a break, EVER) and 95% of all that goes to the mustang.

    i got a pic of her, she looks lot better now, that was the summer after she sat.

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  18. I too have a soft spot for the big ol fat cars. Funny though, even with worn out shocks the cop car way outhandles the stang, both cars being stock. Bad as it is on gas, it's extremely reliable, so I do my best to maintain it as I go.

    Post some up to date pics when you get a chance. I'm trying to spend not a whole lot of my hard earned cash on this car though, that's why I'm swapping things like the stereo over. I've had the rockford fosgate cd player, RF 6x9's and 6.5's for over 4 years now and they'e all still working, so no need for a new stereo yet.

    If you want to do a budget cd player swap, try the classifieds on this site and others along with ebay. Look for factory cd players from taurus, mustangs, f150's that are close to your year. It's worth a shot.
  19. haha, will do, but i have to do some work on the front fenders before i take any pictures. it broke away from the rocker molding when i was jacking it up(STUPID FACTORY JACKING POINTS!!!) so that has to be replaced probably. suprizing the gold really does grow on you and i'm kinda stuck on it. don't see much gold cars anymore.

    the gas milage really doesn't bother me much, its either the MGM a hemi ram or soon to be my mustang with dual carbs.

    with your system, did you replace the speakers aswell? i can not seem to find the sizes that will fit in her. being a 94 our cars are almost identical. oh, if you ever find headers for the CV tell me, i couldn't find anything for suzie.(haha after one great night of CCR "suzie Q baby i love you...")

    gotta love that air suspention too.