Show your beaters, let's see them.

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  1. I have a 89' honda accord, auto, fuel injection, 312,000 miles. Ended up spending $800 or so after a new window motor and a few other small things. Still runs like a champ and gets 25mpg.
  2. My Wet Weather Beater


  3. How southern of you: fast car, fast blonde with big hair and big breasts.


    That's a joke, just to be clear with you.
  4. Nice! Don't see many Tacos with a solid front axle conversion.
  5. Here is my beater, or at least me turning it into a beater.

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  6. that blue mustang is sick, so is the silver one gaponyfarm!
  7. My beater
  8. Boondock Saints?

    my beater was my stang but the damn thing is sitting in the body shop now getting an overhaul, though it wont take a week like the show :(

    The new beater is an 87 Jeep wrangler
  9. don't see many "real" beaters here heres my $200 f150 plus cleavland and tranny. had it for 4 years now and i love the pos

  10. LOL...If you love it, would it kill ya to wash it? ;)
  11. My beater is the restored 67 Stang. My other ride is an '04 Buick Century.

  12. Im jeolous of your beater, I want a true beater that is 4wd.
  13. that looks like a parking violation there, you might want to move that car, its blocking the view of the stop sign :)
  14. wouldnt be a half bad project actualy. Better shape than alot of cars sitting out in fields.

  15. Not in Oregon. :D Pretty much anything goes except pumping you own gas. :nonono: :rolleyes:
  16. Especially on the Indian reservations, there are cars on those roads that look like they're held together with bailing twine and bubble gum, literally.