Show Your Stangs (cobras)

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  1. i was just wanting to look at some cobras to see some apperance mods i could do to my car (rims,hoods,clear corners,etc.). Also just to show your cobra off
  2. moving to "talk" instead...
  3. Can't turn down an offer to pic whore! :D

  4. I wanna see some 01's please :D
  5. alli need is a host and i can put my 01 on here
  6. This is the only pic I have on the net at the moment...

  7. Not an '01... but a cobra

  8. This one is of my v6, but it has cobra wheals on here. I haven’t had good enough weather to take some of the Cobra yet, and this gives me a chance to show her off here in the SVT forum. The last one was published in 5.0 magazine Babe of the month. :nice:
  9. I will take the girl
  10. She’s not for sale. :nice:
  11. wow, you pulled that girl with a v-6? nice
  12. Thanks, it’s her daily driver. :flag:
  13. a few "low key" visual mods..........

    the floating grille snake.......


    Scott Winger SS bumper letters

    Cobra logo floor mats (OEM Ford)

    and the Ford Collection Cobra seat covers..................
  14. lets see if I can remember how to post pix

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  15. OK, ok...enough twisting my arm :)

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  16. This my new Cobra gotta luv it :nice: