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  1. Good looking Cobra; I especially like the 03 wheels, are they the 17x9 & 17x10.5? I'm planning on that setup for more pics?
  2. Thanks fiveofanatic, they're the stock 17x9's all way around, but the 10.5's in the rear are in my future. You can check out some more pics HERE
  3. Some nice cobras in here...
  4. ahhhhh

    I like the 03 wheels, but I also love the solid chrome wheels that came on the 96 or 97 i think?

    more pics...heres my favorite piece of ahhhh


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  7. one more

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  8. yeah

    Thanks for the correction... I like the look of those more than the 03 cobra. I love those solid wheels and I like the round/prominent foglights.

    Love my 03 cause its so freakin fast, but I dont like the fact that the foglights are hidden, the tail pipes are hidden and I like those wheels......

    I prefer the 03 hood though

    I wish I could get those wheels new. Im going to be looking for a new set of wheels soon so I can save my Drag Radials and also so I can just have a nice set of wheels for meets/cruises and car shows...Ill probably just go with some new 03 wheels, but those 94-95 rims look really good to me...
  9. Saw a set of nice ones go for about $400-$500 WITH tires on E-bay. Just do a search for Cobra wheels and add the years. Though you may not like them as they are 17x8 and not 17x9 like the ''03 rims. I've thought about getting 2 of my stockers widened to 10". :D
  10. Some Old Ones,



  11. To me, the 94-98 Cobra is the best looking Mustang, period. (The '00 R is a close second.) I love the '03 for the factory power level, though.

    The only downside to me is that I think the first good-looking 17x8 Cobra wheel is the '99. I dislike the 94 thru 98 wheels.

    That & the 8" wheel gets swallowed up in the rear wheelwell. They should have just used the '95 R wheel for all of them.
  12. [​IMG]
    Street trim, taken this September (apologize for the poor quality).

    Cecil County last November in racetrim and prior to the HO Fibertrends hood.
  13. Here,s one.

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  14. Another.

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  15. One more.

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  16. HID's? niceeeeeeee :hail2: