Sick Of Being Made Fun Of With My V6

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  1. I'm planning a huge project to shut some people up. I have a 1998 V6 Mustang with a really raggedy looking convertible top and I want to go for the ultimate sleeper, I mean leaving badges on and keeping it street able without being a trailer queen. I've heard the 351W and it sounds mean, what am I going to need to do in order to make this swap happen? Also, I'm not wanting just a rebuilt 351W, I figure while I have the motor apart I'd like to build a powerhouse for a Lambo shocker so I'm open to recommendations on that, along with transmission and I believe the new 8.8 inch rear end.
  2. who cares there will always be someone faster, do a new top and be happy with what you have​
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  3. No offense, I can tell youre young...this is not a path you want to go down with that car...many reasons for that, but you are much much better starting with a v8 equipped car..a 94/95 gt was offered with a 5.0, and therefore upgrading to a 5.8 in one of those is mostly just a bolt in affair.
  4. and there will always be somebody telling you not to attempt a project...

    Having said that, it sounds like you are pretty new to working on cars and the swap you are thinking about isn't going to be very straight forward. It probably isn't a get place to start unless you have something else for transportation and a place to keep the Mustang while you are working on it.

    I suspect you best bet would be to start with parts car 94-95 V8 Mustang. The k-member will work with a 351 as will the transmission and rear end...
  5. Build the short block on that v6 with forged internals, then run a lot of nitrous through it..thatll shut your friends up promptly.
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  6. That is going to be one hell of an undertaking. Go with a mod motor, much easier.
  7. Built 351 is. to much of a sleeper.

    Figure you'll need to pay for the engine, transmission, rear end, exhaust and all supporting mods like wiring, etc.

    It's a pretty advanced swap, so if you aren't handy, it could be a challenge.

    I'd estimate $5-10k in cost as well depending on the level you build the engine too. Plus you'll need wider rear wheels and tires.
  8. i used to drive a '96 V6

    kinda like fat girls, fun to ride until your friends find out ya know?

    If you got the cash flow, the know-how, transportation, and room, i say do it up and do it up right. If not, go with a V8
  9. Save your cash. Your friends cars probably aren't that fast either, so they don't matter.

    Drop the top on that thing and pick up girls like crazy. Ladies love convertibles and guys with money in their pocket. :cool: They don't like cars that don't move and money spent on car parts that sit all over the floor in a garage.

    With the cash you save on gas and not pouring every red cent into a never ending build, later you can buy a different car with the power level you want.

    I speak from experience. I've tried multiple times to make slow cars fast. Left me single with a broke down car. :nonono:
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  10. If you're the type of person that gets easily offended by a little trash talk, you're probably NOT the type of person that needs to undertake such a project.
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  11. Nicely put; sounds as if the o.p. needs different acquaintances, to say the least.
  12. I'd say the ultimate sleeper is just forge your current motor and supercharge or nitrous that motha. Should would throw me off hearing that nasty power steering pump whine from the v6 and then have it smash me. I only know of 1 supercharger for the v6's and that's the stock one that comes on thunderbirds. Not sure of its power potentional but maybe worth looking in to? But a 351 in a mod car would be difficult. I'm sure you'd need the 351 motor, sub frame, trans, ecu and wiring harness. Also the spacers to make it fit under the hood. It big job.
  13. Get the top replaced and sell it for a new edge GT.
  14. too much work with a 351.....find a wrecked gt/mach 1/cobra and do a complete swap